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5 Home Projects No One Could Mess Up

Home projects

Although replacing a roof, windows or your HVAC system is a job best left to the professionals, there are some DIY projects that homeowners can tackle without much risk of damage or mess-ups. Here are some home projects that are just about foolproof for even the most novice homeowners.

1. Painting a Room.

With some painter’s tape and quality brushes or rollers, it doesn’t take a great deal of skill to repaint a room and give it a whole new look. Use spackling paste to smooth over cracks, and be sure to use primer if you are covering stains or painting a light color over a darker color. Most paints require two coats for optimal coverage, and using a quality paint will help it last longer and look more professional.

2. Replacing Hardware on Cabinets or Dressers.

Changing out the cabinet handles or dresser pulls can give your fixtures . . .

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DIY Tips and Tricks: Part 1

Some people are just naturals when it comes to handiwork and fixing things around the house. Others…not so much. This week and next, we’ve got a little something for everybody, whether you’re Handy Andy or his not-so-handy helper. And for those of you who are a little less handy, many of these ideas and projects are great starter tasks for those who want get a bit more comfortable around the toolbox. Let’s get to it with our Top 10 List of DIY Home Improvement Tips and Tricks.

Number 10: Think Vertically.So often, our home improvement projects are really home organization projects. More specifically, they’re about fitting as much as possible in small spaces without a big mess. The answer, quite often, is to Think Vertically. • Instead of trying to section bathroom drawers off to fit hairdryers and curling irons,diy tips and tricks

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Moonworks Named a Top 100 DIY Site

Moonworks Moonworks Top 100 DIY Siteis excited to announce that we have been chosen as one of the Top 100 DIY Sites for Home Improvement Fanatics by Construction Management Degree.  This list highlights blogs that focus on DIY tips & tricks as well as money saving home improvement tips.  Moonworks is listed under the home improvment tips specialty.

We are truly honored to be listed with some of our favorite home improvement blogs and bloggers.

We would like to thank you, our loyal readers!  We enjoy providing you with useful and money saving home improvement information.  The sharing of information is crutial in the home improvement world, especially when it comes to the DIY realm.

As always, if there is a topic you are interested in, please feel free to comment below.

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