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Roofs for Homeowners in MA and RI


For homeowners in Massachusetts, roofs are a major concern. With several big storms passing through each winter, residents commonly experience roof damage. Sometimes, it’s as minor as some loose shingles; other times, people find themselves looking at complete roof replacement.

In either case, it’s important for Northeasterners to have a positive, established working relationship with a local roofing contractor so that these issues can be resolved quickly, safely, and properly.

Finding an Expert on Roofs

Hiring a roofing professional is a challenge for many homeowners because they simply don’t know quite what to ask for, especially when there isn’t a specific area of damage to deal with. When hiring a roofer, consider the following:

  • Your roofing contractor must be licensed through the state of Massachusetts and carry current insurance. You can look up any Massachusetts roofing company’s license status here:
  • Some Massachusetts roofing companies also provide gutter maintenance and repair service. These services are highly interrelated. For example, clogged gutters can cause roof and attic damage, and while repairing roof problems, a contractor can often spot gutter issues, all in one visit. That makes having a single provider preferable and typically very cost-effective.
  • The Internet is a great resource. Read online reviews (with a grain of salt) and get a feel for each contractor’s general reputation. Remember that there will almost always be false reviews, both positive and negative, so look at the overall big picture, not the extremes. Also, pay attention to how the company responds to online comments and what kind of customer service they provide when people post questions or comments.
  • Note the location of the contractor you’re considering. Are they local or are they based an hour away? If their home base is far from you, ask how that will impact response time in an urgent situation. When the roads are in bad shape from a major storm, you don’t want to be cut off from the team that can patch your roof to protect your home.
  • Pay attention to longevity. Companies with bad reputations often close up shop and start over. Some young companies are terrific startups looking to get a foothold in the business while others are essentially con artists who start new companies whenever their bad reputations catch up to them. Established companies with long reputations are typically a safer bet. In all cases, do your homework on each company.

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