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The Connection Between Roofing Replacement and Poor Gutter Maintenance

Roofing ReplacementNo homeowner ever wants to have to buy a new roof. MA and RI homeowners, and others throughout the northeast, are particularly hard-hit by this news because the region’s severe weather makes roofing replacement an incredibly challenging prospect during the cold winter months.

The best thing to do, of course, is try to avoid needing roofing replacement in the first place, and the best way to do that is through proper maintenance and routine inspections.

Avoiding Roofing Replacement

When they find out they need a new roof, homeowners really don’t want to hear that it was preventable. That just adds insult to injury. Thankfully, you can avoid this one. Periodic inspections and routine maintenance can dramatically increase the lifespan of your roof and help prevent costly damages.

When small issues are identified and corrected in a timely manner, they can’t spread and cause more damage. This, in turn, helps maintain the structural integrity of your roof so that it fares better when severe weather rolls through.

Include Gutter Maintenance with Your Roofing Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of roof maintenance actually takes place just adjacent to your roof, and that’s gutter maintenance. If your gutters are out of alignment, clogged, cracked, or otherwise impeded from doing their job right, they can cause roof damage. Consider this: a clogged gutter fills with water as rain sheets off the roof. Once the gutter is full, the water will overflow and back up. This means the water will either spill over the front of the gutters, saturating the ground around your home, or over the back and up into the eaves, saturating the roof and causing attic leaks.

Gutter Overflows Lead to Roofing Replacement

When gutters spill over the front of your home and saturate the ground, they can cause foundation cracks and leaks. These lead to floods; mold, mildew, and bacterial growth; insect and animal intrusion, and even sinkholes. When they back up onto your roof and into the eaves, you very well may end up needing a new roof. MA and RI homeowners who keep a close eye on their gutters, however, are less likely to have these problems.

Gutter maintenance is a challenge, however. It’s time-consuming and unpleasant, and most people tend to put it off as much as possible. There are many gutter maintenance companies that also specialize in roof maintenance. For homeowners who want to stay on top of things without getting on top of a ladder, this is a great option.

By contracting with a reliable service provider, you can avoid the dangerous and unpleasant task of cleaning your gutters while also having the peace of mind that comes with knowing a trained professional has thoroughly inspected and performed any necessary maintenance on your gutters and roof.

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