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A Homeowner’s Guide to Roofing in MA

Roofing in MAMany MA homeowners never give their roofs much thought until there’s a problem. By having a home’s roof inspected at least once a year and after every major storm, homeowners can be pro-active in maintaining their roofs and avoiding costly repairs.

The fact is, most homeowners simply don’t know much about roofing. MA and other northeastern states experience multiple severe weather systems annually, though; so basic roofing knowledge is a real necessity.

That’s not to say that homeowners should maintain or repair their own roofing. MA has many highly qualified, reliable, honest roofing companies, and using a professional is almost always the best way to go. However, some basic roofing knowledge goes a long way in helping homeowners choose the right service provider and make good choices when it’s time for maintenance, repairs, or replacements.

So, where to start?

As a homeowner, there’s some basic information you should know and keep on file:

  1. What type/style of roof do you have?
  2. What types of roofing materials compose your roof?
  3. How old is your roof?
  4. How long is your warranty term?
  5. What is (and is not) covered under your warranty?
  6. Has your roof ever been repaired or replaced?
  7. What provisions are included in your homeowner’s insurance policy for your roof?

Without knowledge of the basics of roofing, MA homeowners may find themselves unable to answer some of these questions. If that’s the case for you, start by researching local roofing companies and finding a reliable service provider to perform a standard inspection. Ask for references from friends and neighbors, check with the Better Business Bureau, and follow up with licensing bureaus to ensure that the company you choose is in good standing.

After choosing a company, have them perform a routine inspection. Review your list of questions (above), and ask the roofer to help you identify the roof’s materials and style if you’re unsure. Ask whether the roofer notices any signs of previous repairs or replacement work, and discuss how that may impact your warranty. The roofer should be able to tell you quite a bit about your roofing. MA has a variety of roofers using different products, so it’s important at this point to find out if the company you’ve selected is experienced with the particular brand of roofing materials you have.

Once you have a solid idea of the age, condition, and warranty terms for your roof, discuss a schedule for maintaining your roofing. MA homeowners should remember to ask for an annual inspection and maintenance price and find out how the company goes about scheduling post-storm inspections.

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