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Finding Your Local Roofing Contractor

Work by a Roofing ContractorPeople who need new roofing components or entirely new roofs often try to delay these projects until winter is behind them in order to avoid mid-project weather delays. With (hopefully) nothing but warm weather ahead for the next few months, this is a great time to hire a roofing contractor.

How to Hire a Roofing Contractor

As with any home-improvement project, obtaining multiple written estimates is always the best and safest course of action, and this is particularly important for homeowners who need new roofing.

RI has a government database, available to the public at, where residents can look up individual contractors and ensure that they are in good standing with the state. As well, the site hosts lots of outstanding resources and great information about selecting, hiring, and working with professional contractors.

The Better Business Bureaus of Rhode Island and Massachusetts are other great resource sites with excellent information about local businesses and avoiding current local scams. Between the two, RI and MA homeowners should be able to spot any potentially disreputable contractors before hiring them.

Ask Others for Recommendations

While you’re online, run a Google search on the contractors you’re considering, and ask your social network for referrals, recommendations, and warnings via Facebook, Google +, or Twitter. The more information you gather, the better able you’ll be to make an informed decision about which you feel comfortable and confident.

Entering into a Roofing Contract

Once you have a list of reputable contractors, obtain no fewer than three written estimates before making a choice. All estimates should be signed and include very detailed information about the work to be done, materials to be used, length of the project, warranty, and post-installation maintenance. Be sure that the estimates are comparable in scope before dismissing any for being much more or less expensive than the others.

Tip: throughout the process, ask a lot of questions. Contractors who are unwilling to answer your questions about materials, timelines, debris storage and removal, warranties, licensure, insurance, and other integral aspects of their work are contractors with whom you do not want to work. Walk away.

Once you’ve selected a contractor, enter into a contract. Ensure that the contract contains all of the information from the estimate and that the information is the same. Make sure the contractor gives you a signed, dated copy with clear start and end dates.

Before Your Roofing Contractor Gets Started

Before the contractor gets started, check online to make sure that the company’s license has not recently been revoked. When a contractor’s license is revoked, the company will still have a physical copy of a license to show you. The only way to know the contractor hasn’t recently run into trouble with the state is to check online or call the board. Protect yourself by taking that extra step before ever signing a contract (or a check)!

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