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Inspecting Your House Roofing in RI

House Roofing in RIIf we’re heading toward spring, then there’s an important area to consider when doing that post-winter inspection of your house: roofing. RI homeowners should all be planning their spring house maintenance, and while most RI residents realize that means cleaning the gutters, many forget that their roof needs a once-over as well.

When inspecting house gutters and house roofing, RI homeowners often realize they simply don’t know what to look for.

Obvious damage is one thing, but beyond that, most people don’t really know how to perform a thorough inspection of their gutters and roofing. This is where the professionals come in.

First, we strongly recommend hiring a professional to clean and inspect your gutters and roof. Even if you choose to do some of your periodic gutter and roof cleanup yourself, investing in having a professional come out a couple of times a year is money well spent.

Professional gutter and roofing contractors are not only going to do a more thorough job because they’re trained and have the ideal equipment for each job, but they also know how to spot small problems before they become large, costly damages.

If, however, you’re working on your gutters and roofing, yourself, there are some things to look for. First, before you even set up your ladder, walk around your home and inspect your gutters and roof from the ground. Do you see discoloration on the roof? Do you see cracks, pitting, or sagging in your gutters? If so, you need to call in some help.

Once you climb up to your roofline, remember not to use your gutters as a handhold. They are not designed to support an adult’s weight, and adding pressure in this way can shift them out of alignment and compromise their performance.

From the ladder, look around your roof before climbing onto it. Make sure you’re not stepping up onto a weak spot, and, as always, have a partner on the ground.

As you clear small debris from your roof, look for loose shingles, popped nails, piles of leaves, and signs of mold, mildew, or other forms of organic growth. Note areas of discoloration, and tread lightly. Pay careful attention to areas near flashings, as these are places where debris tends to accumulate and animals often prefer to nest.

If you suspect there is an animal or insect nest on your roof, take particular care in walking near it. Disturbed insects and animals can be aggressive, and this can lead to serious injuries and falls.

If you spot damage or organic growth on your roof, you’ll need to call in a professional. If you notice nesting animals or insects, do yourself a favor and call a professional exterminator to remove the nest or hive. Otherwise, simply perform your roof cleanup, and then move down to clean the gutters (where you should also be alert for nesting animals and insects) and downspouts.

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