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Getting an Estimate from Roofers

Work by RoofersWhen it’s time for roof repairs, most homeowners are treading in unfamiliar waters. How do I know what I really need? How do I know if the estimate is fair? How do I find a reliable contractor? With so many questions, it’s good to take your time and do some homework:

Knowing What You Need from Roofers

Figuring out whether you need a repair or an entirely new roof typically means getting several informed opinions. If you’re lucky and all of the experts you call in agree on what you need, that makes things easier. But if you find that your contractors are on opposite sides of the fence on this issue, you may need to have a few more people look into the matter.

Ultimately, it may be a matter of opinion; some roofers may feel that a repair will hold you for a while so you can wait on the expense of a new roof, while others may feel the repair is a waste of your time and money when you’re going to have to do a full replacement within the next couple of years no matter what they do.

So, as you interview each contractor and obtain your roof estimate, homeowners should take the time to ask each roofer why s/he is making each given recommendation. Ask:

  • Is this full roof replacement necessary right now? If so, why? If not, how much time do I have, and if I wait, do I need anything right now?
  • How long will this repair last? Will I end up needing a roof replacement eventually? When?

Finding out a repair may enable you to put off a full replacement for five years may make the repair worthwhile financially, if you’re not currently in a position to pay for a new roof. But before you can make that choice, you need at least three to five companies to provide you with a roof estimate. MA and RI hve some fantastic roofing contractors with great reputations and excellent service, so the next thing to think about is…

Finding Great Contractor

Before you can get a roof estimate, homeowners need to find some reputable contractors to come out and provide those opinions and prices. This is where “starting online” comes in. Reach out via email and social media to friends and family members, and see what recommendations and warnings you get. Check out local service provider ratings sites, and, as we recommend for any service provider, look them up on the Better Business Bureau‘s website.

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