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What Damage Can Ice Dams Cause?

Ice dams can be extremely hazardous to you and your home if you don’t do anything to prevent them. Ice dams form due to heat rising up from attics and heating the roof surface which heats and melts the snow at the top of the room. The heated snow is now melted snow, which runs down to the colder part of the roof and freezes. This is how ice dams are formed. But what kind of damage can an ice dam cause? That’s a great questions because the answer is “A lot and it could be very expensive.”

Ice Dams Cause Damage to Your Homes Interior

Ice Dams Cause Serious DamageWhen water from the ice dam gets under your shingles water can drip into your attic and run across the interior of your wall. This causes mold issues within the dry wall and insulation. When ice dams cause mold issues the only solution is rip out all the areas affected with mold and replace them. This is where it gets expensive. That small water leak may cause your insulation and dry wall to mold but that could be worse. A severe leak could cause wood to rot and this could cause structural issues within your home which is even more expensive. But if neither happens, the frozen water in your gutter could cause damage to the gutter itself. The weight of the frozen gutter can cause enough pressure to misalign it, which means the gutter will no longer effectively move water away from the roof and this can cause damage to your homes foundation come spring if it’s not noticed in time. Gutter sections can even collapse during brutal winters like the one New England had earlier this year in 2014. A simple way to prevent these ice dams from causing damage to your home is by calling Moonworks today at 1-800-975-6666, and getting your Ice Defense heated gutter system installed today!

Ice Dams are Dangerous to Humans

Ice dams are not only dangerous to your home but they are dangerous to you as well. When ice dams form homeowners, like you, know that something needs to be done before its too late. This means you take out the ladder and shovel and climb up to your roof. This is never recommended! Ice dams are extremely slippery and once you step on the wrong part of it you can slide right off your roof onto the ground below. If cleaning gutters by hand is dangerous then removing ice dams by hand is even more dangerous. Long icicles can also break off and come crashing down onto you or another family member. So instead of risking fate call Moonworks today at 1-800-975-6666, and ask about how our Ice Defense System can save you time, money and a lot of trouble.

Ice Dam Damage to Your Landscaping

Ice Dams Cause Serious Damage
Some people go to the store and buy themselves an ice rake which is great way to get some of the snow and ice off your roof. But this also means that the heavy snow that was on your roof will be coming down onto your yard and all the shrubs and trees that you planted the previous spring. The weight of the snow and ice can snap shrubs and trees in half and it just means you’re going to have to replant next spring. So think twice about damaging your homes landscaping when removing ice dams yourself.

Ice Dams can obviously cause a lot of damage to your home and even put you at risk of serious injuries. Instead of tempting fate or causing any unnecessary damage to your home, call Moonworks today at 1-800-975-6666 and get your heated gutters installed by the Ice Defense professionals now!