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Heated Helmet of Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Diagram of Heated Helmet

Cutaway of Heated HelmetHeated Helmet Installation

Heated Helmet offers important advantages over conventional roof heating cable in preventing ice and frozen gutters:

  • Because Heated Helmet has the ability to automatically adjust its heat output to the temperature outside, making it both effective and energy-efficient.
  • Unlike other heating cable products, Heated Helmet does not require ugly roof clips or messy exposed wire. During installation, we hide the Heated Helmet cable, so that the appearance of your home is not compromised.
  • Heated Helmet’s cable cannot overheat. It is also GFCI-protected. This makes Hidden Heat safer than other heating cable products on the market.

3 Benefits of Heated Helmet

  1. Substantially reduce the amount of ice buildup in your gutters.
  2. Requires 50% less cable than traditional exposed wire systems.
  3. Significant energy savings with self-regulating heating system.

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