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Meet Ice Defense Ice-Dam Prevention–with Heated Gutters

Ice Defense, Featuring Heated Helmet -- Never Have Frozen Gutters Again!

Gutter Helmet

After 30 years, it’s still the ultimate gutter protection for your home. Lets rainwater in, while keeping out leaves, seeds and pine needles. Gutter Helmet ends a painful cleaning chore forever; keeps you off the dangerous ladders and safe from falling. Whether you live in Providence, Worcester, Boston, Manchester, NH or Nashua, NH, Gutter Helmet works for you! Backed by Moonworks expert installation and a lifetime guarantee.

Heated Helmet

A safe energy efficient way to melt snow and ice from your gutters. Never have frozen gutters again, and say goodbye to thick ice buildup and ice dams! Heated Helmet is a self-regulating coil that adjusts its output to the outside temperature and since Heated Gelmet is GFCI protected, it can’t overheat. This will ensure your home’s original value…along with peace of mind.

Attic Insulation

Moonworks insulation/ventilation technicians will craft a solution that is tailored to your home’s unique needs. While helping to eliminate the issues that can form ice dams, they’ll keep an eye on overall efficiency-saving you money on utilities.

Winter is often brutal throughout New England. Homeowners across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Southern New Hampshire worry about ice dams and leaks. Shoveling roofs, trying to melt the ice in their gutters…Now there is a solution.

Moonworks has created Ice Defense: a cost-effective combination of improvements to help prevent ice dams from forming. Gone are the days of shoveling roofs, dealing with ice buildup and leaking roof water entering the home. By pairing Gutter Helmet with our new Heated Helmet, we’ll keep your gutters clean and free flowing all year long.

Why Ice Dams Form

Water generally flows off the roof into gutters and downspouts. However, when an ice dam builds along the roof’s edge, it prevents melting ice and snow from passing through. The backed-up water eventually finds its way into your home. Damage can then ensue throughout the home: ceilings, walls, insulation, window casings, door frames, mold problems- the list goes on.

An ice dam starts when melting occurs at the warmer high point of your roof. This is often caused by inadequate insulation, which allows heat to escape from your living area onto the attic. Poor ventilation will add to the problem by trapping the heat. As the melted snow and ice flows down to the gutters, it refreezes, creating an ice dam…and problems for any homeowner.

The Time to Prevent Ice Dams Is Now

With our innovative Ice Defense offerings, Moonworks takes ice dam prevention to the next level. First, we’ll ensure your attic is well insulated and ventilated. The installation of Gutter Helmet will keep your gutters clean from leaves and debris, to keep them free flowing. The addition of Heated Helmet gives you an extra ally to melt ice and snow when winter rolls around.

You’ll no longer have to worry about climbing your roof to chop ice or shovel off snow. This unbeatable combination provides you with maximum all-season protection. Especially in a New England winter, this is a tool you will want to have.

Our expert technicians will determine if your home is susceptible to ice dams. There’s no obligation on your part. So contact us today- now serving Worcester, Boston, Providence, Manchester and Nashua, NH.

Considering the value of your home, Ice Defense is an investment that will provide you with exceptional peace-of-mind.