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Why Do Gutters Fail?

The reasons why gutters fail is often due to the material that is used. Watch the video and let Jim Moon, the President at Moonworks Home Improvement, tell you why gutters often fail!

To sum up what Jim Moon mentioned, in the video above, gutter fails for two simple reasons. Poor gutter material and poor gutter installation.

Poor Gutter Material

Some gutter companies cut your gutters into sections which create seams and seams are never good. Seams in gutters create an extra point where water can eventually seep out and cause water damage to your home and its foundation. Moonworks cuts their gutters to fit the length of your home allowing for seamless Poor Gutter Materialsgutters which means there are no points along your gutter where water can escape. This means your gutters will never fail!

Gutter companies also try to save money by charging you more for cheap material. They use cheap materials such as PVC or steel which allow for rust and corrosion over time and that means that you’ll have to replace you gutters sooner than you think. At Moonworks we use heavy grade aluminum which will never rust or corrode. The heavy grade aluminum will support the weight of even the worst New England winter!

Poor Gutter Installation

Poor Gutter Materials

The quality of your gutter installation can also affect your gutters performance and many times the installation has more to do with the gutter failing than the material does. Gutters hung with an incorrect pitch don’t allow for water to flow properly through your gutter system. At Moonworks we ensure the pitch is accurate 100% of the time. When your gutters don’t have the proper pitch they will not drain and will more than likely overflow, creating water damage to your home and its foundation. When you and your home experience gutter failure it will cause you to spend more money to install your gutters the right way!

Another reason gutters fail after they’re installed is because they aren’t supported properly. At Moonworks we hang our gutters with gutter hangers every 18 inches to support all the snow and ice during those frigid New England winters.

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