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Gutter Cleaning in New England – The Logical Approach

Gutter Cleaning in New England - The  Logical ApproachPeople who live in New England have plenty of ways that they like to spend their spare time. They love going to the beach in the summertime, watching the Patriots in the fall, playing in the snow in the winter, and working and entertaining in their yards in the spring. But one thing that few (if any) New England residents enjoy doing is cleaning out their gutters. Which is why many of them try to avoid this unpleasant chore by installing gutter guards or gutter covers.

Mesh Gutter Guards

The simplest and least expensive gutter guard is made of soft metal or plastic mesh that can be purchased either in rolls or strips from hardware or home improvement stores. The mesh either attaches to the inside or outside of the gutter sections, or simply sits on top of or just inside the gutters themselves. The idea is for solid debris to be repelled by the mesh while runoff water flows into the gutters. But in reality, the mesh often becomes so blocked with debris that the runoff water bypasses the gutters completely and falls onto the ground — just like it would with clogged gutters.

Metal Gutter Covers

A sturdier type of gutter cover is manufactured as a solid piece of metal into which holes, slits, or vents are cut. Each gutter cover is designed to lie on top of a gutter section, and is fastened with screws to the outside of the gutters. While these gutter covers are less likely to buckle or bend like mesh, they still have the same problem in terms of clogging up. Often, the openings through which water is supposed to pass get blocked by debris, and the water simply runs over the side of the home.

Gutter Helmet Beats Them All

But the Gutter Helmet gutter protection system is different. Instead of holes or slots, Gutter Helmet has a thin slit on the outside that runs the length of the guttering system. This allows the water to run over the top of Gutter Helmet, adhere to the surface, and drain easily into the gutter; while leaves, pine needles, and other debris simply slide over and drop to the ground. Because the opening is not on the roof side, it is impossible for it to become clogged with displaced debris.

Gutter Helmet is not available at retail outlets. Instead, it is mounted by contractors who are trained specifically in how to install this particular product. That’s why Gutter Helmet always fits perfectly every time, and is backed by a warranty on both materials and labor.

No need to Worry about Gutter Cleaning with Gutter Helmet!

If you would like to have the best gutter protection system on the market today — and enjoy the idea of never having to clean out your gutters again — Schedule a Gutter Helmet estimate now by contacting us at 1-800-975-6666 or filling out our online form.