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The Perils of Skipping Gutter Cleaning in MA

Frozen Gutters That Need Gutter Cleaning in MAIf you live in MA and have been thinking about skipping gutter cleaning, the harsh winter months may be a concern, but homeowners can rest easy if they invest in the Gutter Helmet system.

During the winter months, your gutters can become a large block of ice, especially if you skip the necessary fall gutter cleaning. Gutter Helmet can eliminate the need for gutter cleaning, though. And Gutter Helmet’s Heated Helmet technology uses heated coils within the gutter protection system to aid in defrosting your gutters.

This allows the water to flow freely, minimizing damage to your home. The self-regulating heating coil minimizes energy use by sensing when the heat should come on.

Ice dams can be caused by skipping gutter cleaning and having ineffective gutter protection on your home. MA homeowners can minimize ice dams, caused by ice buildup at the roof’s edge that eventually gets under the shingles and rots the roof. Gutter Helmet’s patented nose-forward technology allows the debris to fall right off the roof and the water to flow through gutters so there’s no buildup.

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