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How to Avoid a Clogged Gutter

How to Avoid a Clogged GutterKeep clogs out of your gutter, with these simple steps.

Gutter clogs are not only nasty and a chore to clean, they can cause real problems with your house, doing everything from putting cracks in your driveway to water in your basement. The best way to deal with clogs is to catch them before they start, so make these a part of your to-do list.

Trim Back Trees Over Your Roof

You should be doing this in general; a downed limb can bash right through your roof and cause problems that are fairly self explanatory. But a little pre-emptive pruning also keeps the crud out of your gutters, and also makes it more difficult for animal life to climb onto your roof and build nests in your gutter system. Wind will still blow debris into your gutters, but at least you won’t have trees dropping leaves directly into your gutters.

Keep an Eye Out

When it rains, make a point to keep an eye on your gutters. Do you see them overflowing anywhere? Does it seem to take a while for the gutter system to empty after a storm? Do you see icicles hanging off your gutter in the winter? If yes, you should probably check your gutters, as you might have the start of a clog.

Install a Roof Heating System

New England in particular offers challenges to keeping your gutters clear. Snow can fall into your gutters, blocking them up. If snow melts at the top of your roof, flows down, and suddenly has nowhere to go, it can refreeze into an ice dam, which will let meltwater collect on your roof and begin leaking into your house.

A roof heating system can melt ice dams and ensure that meltwater stays melted long enough to go down your gutters. And it also means you don’t have to get on your roof with a shovel.

Keep Your Downspout Clear

In both winter months and warmer months, your downspout can become blocked for various reasons. So, take a moment to make sure that your downspout is clear, and not blocked by snow or by debris. You can also use a heavy-duty shop-vac to suck out crud, or an industrial blow to blast it out the top of the downspot. Just don’t wear anything you’ll miss!

Make Sure Your Gutters Are in Good Repair

Sometimes, clogs are caused by problems in the gutter system itself. From the ground, take a look at your gutter system to find holes, sags, rust, and other problems you might need to fix or have replaced.

Muck Them Out Twice a Year

You know what they say: Prevention is worth a pound of cure (or thousands of dollars in contractor’s bills, in this case). Get out the ladder twice a year, before summer or winter really kick in, and muck your gutters out.

Install Gutter Covers

Of course, the best way to keep clogs away is to keep debris away; a gutter cover will do just that, extending the life of your gutter system.

At Moonworks, we install, and highly recommend, Gutter Helmet. Gutter Helmet is the most technologically-advanced gutter cover solution on the market, and Moonworks is proud to be the exclusive installer in the region. If you’re sick of clogs, or just want to protect your home as an investment, call Moonworks about gutter covers today.