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How Clean Gutters Protect Your Home

How Clean Gutters Protect Your HomeThe basic job of your gutter system is to divert water away from your home and to an area of proper drainage. Now, it’s one thing to read that, but quite another to understand exactly what it means. So, top to bottom, here’s how keeping your gutters clear prevents damage to your home.

Clean Gutters Keep Your Roof in Good Condition

Your roof is designed to take a beating from the elements. But without clean gutters, even a high-quality roof can get damaged over time. Rainwater, for example, can back up in clogged gutters, ultimately being absorbed by the roof’s wood, thus giving mold a place to take root. Some water, having no place to go, will corrode your shingles and soak directly into your roof, causing leaks and structure damage. And, needless to say, over time that can lead to larger roof problems, such as collapse.

Clean Gutters Keep Mold and Dirt Off Your Siding and Walls

Without clean gutters, rain and meltwater will fill the gutter and then flow over the edge, down the side of your home. And that’s where problems start.

Some of that water will ultimately flow inside your home, since no wall in your home is hermetically sealed. That can rot and warp planks, and even result in water flowing down the walls inside your home. This also creates an environment friendly to mold, which can make your family sick and cost you thousands in repair bills, or even make your home impossible to live in.

Even if it doesn’t make it all the way inside, though, this water will still flow down your siding, helping to split and crack it. It will also deposit dirt that you’ll have to wash off, and wear away paint that you’ll have to replace. And we’re not done yet.

Clean Gutters Protect the Concrete Around Your House

Concrete tends to crack over time due to water. Concrete is generally porous, so water can flow through it. As the water flows through, it dissolves some minerals in the concrete and deposits them in other places as it seeks its own level. Over time, this shifting of mass weakens some areas of the concrete and puts stress on it, resulting in cracks.

Concrete exposed to constantly dripping water will crack much faster, and the damage will spread as it continues to happen. So, a clean gutter will save you a lot of money in repaving and masonry costs.

Clean Gutters Protect Your Foundation and Basement

Every house needs a strong, sturdy foundation, and the biggest enemy of that is water. Unless it’s directed to an area where it will flow away from your foundation, most of the water falling on your roof will instead land close to your foundation… and begin flowing into it.

At best, this means a flooded basement with everything down there — from appliances to family mementos — ruined. At worst, this means a weakened foundation and thousands of dollars in repairs.

So, while your gutters might seem like a task to maintain, remember that they do a valuable job for your home. To help keep them clear, and you off the ladder, consider installing Gutter Helmet, Moonworks’ recommend gutter protection solution. It will keep debris out of your gutters, preventing clogs, and it will help keep your gutters rust and damage free. Want to make sure you keep clean gutters? Just fill out the form to the right, or call 1-800-975-6666 for a free in-home estimate.