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How Big of a Role do Gutters Play in Protecting Your Home

How Big of a Role do Gutters Play in Protecting Your Home
Most homeowners know they need gutters, because of rain, but they can’t quite tell you why, or why it’s a bad thing when their gutter system is clogged. They just know it is. But that’s not quite enough: Homeowners need to understand that gutters are key to the repair of their home, and letting gutters go now can mean big repair bills later.

What Do Gutters Do?

Your gutter system is designed to move rainwater and other precipitation away from your house and towards a safer drainage area. But surely your house can handle a little rain, right?

For one storm, sure. But gutters are designed to limit the damage to your home over time. The flow of water is actually an incredibly powerful force that can, if you give it enough time, cause serious damage to your home. This is especially true in New England, which often sees powerful storms of both rain and snow.

What Water Can Do to Your Home

Water, as it flows through the materials of your home, rusts metal, causes wood to swell and split, and sucks the minerals out of concrete. Water also can create an ideal environment for mold damage, which can not only ruin your home but also your health. In short, the less water sticks around, the better off your home will be, so a healthy gutter system is ideal.

What Gutters Do to Prevent Water Damage

Simply put, gutters take water away from your home. As water falls on your roof, it flows out into an area that can absorb the water without displacing it into your home. If you’ve ever seen a flooded basement, you’ve probably met a homeowner with a gutter problem: It can be that severe.

Why Gutters Need to Be Replaced

Gutters take the full brunt of nature’s fury. All the water damage that was going to strike your home is instead absorbed by your gutters. As a result, over time, gutters sag, rust, and begin to show holes, a process that happens much more quickly if you don’t get out the ladder and clean out the clogs on a regular basis.

Here’s where Moonworks can help. We’ll help you determine what repairs or replacements your gutter system needs, and we offer products such as Gutter Helmet, a gutter protection solution that stops clogs and keeps your gutters clear, adding years of life to your home and cutting down on repair bills.

So, if you’ve got gutter problems, act before New England’s weather leads to a flooded basement or mold damage problems: Call Moonworks today.

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