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Why Do Gutter Guards Fail?

Failed Gutter

Gutter guards will protect your home against water damage but only if you buy the proper gutter guard system. But how do you know which system to go with and how do you know it will be effective?

Gutter Size Matters

Depending on the size and shape of your gutters certain gutter guard systems may not attach correctly. If the gutter guards don’t attach properly and there are gaps this will allow spaces for water to seep through. This will end up rendering your newly installed gutter guard system ineffective and cause it to fail!

Gutter Guards with Filtration Holes

Some gutter guards have holes in them for water filtration. These holes allow water to filter through them for a certain period of time but once pine needles, leaves and dirt are added to the mix those holes will fill and water will no longer filter through them. This will also cause your gutter guards to fail.

Gutter Guard Systems May Rust or Corrode

Gutter Guard Systems made of steel will rust over time and those made from PCV or plastic will corrode. When these systems rust or corrode, holes and cracks will appear in the gutter guards, which will leave room for pine needles, leaves, mud and other debris to enter your gutter. When these materials get into your gutters a gutter clog is in sight and gutter failure is inevitable!

See what Jim Moon, President at Moonworks Home Improvement, has to say about why gutter guards fail!

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