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Your Gutter Helmet Gutter Guard from Moonworks

There are plenty of places in your home where you do not want to find excess water. Examples include in your intricately-landscaped yard, on your driveway, or in your basement. And you definitely don’t want water invading your home’s foundation.

Conversely, there is one part of your home’s exterior where you do want to find water: your gutters. After all, that’s what your gutters are built for: to channel roof runoff water to areas where it cannot damage your property. So when it comes to the gutters on your home, you don’t want anything but water taking up space inside them (and you want the water to be flowing, not stagnant).

What Your Gutter Helmet Guard Can Repel

Unfortunately, there are a wide range of things that have a tendency to find their way into your gutters, such as:

  • Tree “droppings.” New England trees always shed their leaves and pine needles (and sometimes twigs and small branches) during certain times of the year. Much of this debris falls onto your roof, where it can be washed into your gutters during a subsequent storm. Some needles, leaves, and twigs can be blown directly into gutters if the winds are stiff enough.
  • Insects. Over time, this debris can accumulate and cause clogs which cannot be broken apart by flowing water. These conditions are perfect for mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, and other insects to gather and breed. Then they can spoil your family’s fun during the outdoor seasons.
  • Animals. For many critters, a cozy gutter makes a perfect place to call home (especially if there’s already debris which can be used to build a nest). Many different types of birds are capable of building nests in gutters. But homeowners in New England have also found rats, mice, squirrels, possums, shrews, voles, and even feral cats curled up inside their gutters.
  • Plants. It’s true. In severely unkempt gutters, even some plants, weeds, and flowers will begin to take root and grow if there’s enough debris and/or dirt inside them.

About The Gutter Helmet Guard Solution

No matter what it is that gets into your gutters, you have to clean them out if you want them to function correctly. Of course, the best solution is to prevent debris and/or living creatures from getting into your gutters in the first place. Here’s a solution: install a Gutter Helmet guard on your home.

The Gutter Helmet guard completely encloses the tops of your gutters with the exception of a 3/8-inch wide slit through which runoff water can flow. Therefore, leaves and pine needles will just slide off the guard onto the ground when either washed by runoff water or blown by wind. And because your gutters stay clear of debris, insects won’t want to set up shop inside them, and larger animals won’t be able to get inside them anyway!

No More Gutter Cleaning with Gutter Helmet Guard

Not only dues the Gutter Helmet guard protect your gutters from blockages, but it also relieves you of ever having to clean out your gutters again! So why wait until your gutter gets clogged? Fill out the form on the right, or call 1-800-975-6666 for a free-in home estimate on a new Gutter Helmet guard.