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Why You Should Consider a Mass Energy Audit

Why You Should Consider  a Mass Energy AuditYou probably go to the doctor once a year for an annual health checkup. Chances are, your employer reviews your performance at least once a year. And you likely take your car in once every few years (at least!) for its factory scheduled maintenance.

So you see, you’re used to audits in your life — so why not do the same for your home energy usage?

Think about it: you probably shell out thousands of dollars each year on electricity, natural gas, and/or other power sources to heat and cool your home. Don’t you want to know if you’re spending too much?

There’s an easy way to accomplish that goal: by having someone conduct a mass energy audit on your home.

What’s a Mass Energy Audit?

A qualified energy auditor will come to your residence and inspect your entire home, looking for places where you might be wasting energy. Some of the specific areas which will be examined include:

  • air conditioning systems
  • heating systems
  • air ducts
  • lights
  • crawl space
  • attic
  • basement
  • roofing
  • garage
  • walls
  • windows
  • doors
  • floors
  • foundation
  • insulation

A mass energy audit involves more than just walking through and around a home. The contractor performing the audit will use special, technologically-advanced tools and diagnostic equipment which can identify areas in which energy efficiency can be improved.

One such tool is the blower door, which is placed inside a doorway. It actually pulls air out of the home in order to spot places where air is leaking. Also, an infrared camera can detect regions of heat loss and temperature variance within a home.

What a Mass Energy Audit Provides for You

When the mass energy audit is completed, the contractor will gather his data and present it to you. First, you’ll receive a comprehensive report and review detailing the effectiveness of your home’s major utility systems, such as AC/heating unit, furnace, water heater, and duct work. Then the auditor will furnish you a list of specific recommendations on how you can maximize the energy efficiency of your home. Although every home is different, some of the most frequent recommendations found in a mass energy audit include:

  • adding more insulation to your attic, crawl spaces, or flooring
  • air sealing your basement to prevent cool air from seeping in from the ground outside
  • weatherstripping or sealing openings around windows and vents
  • replacing old windows with newer, more energy-efficient units
  • sealing gaps around electrical outlets, near, lighting fixtures, and through flue and plumbing chases
  • sealing ductwork and balancing the duct system so that air flows equally to all rooms
  • installing energy-efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs
  • repairing or replacing air conditioners, furnaces, or heaters
  • upgrading appliances to more energy-efficient models

The final document you will get after a mass energy audit is a cost estimate for each recommendation made on the list. This list can be used as a reference for future projects so you can budget your home improvements more easily.

Set Up a Mass Energy Audit Soon

Moonworks is a leading provider of mass energy audits in the New England area. Perhaps the best news is that the audit is absolutely free!

So why not schedule a mass energy audit with Moonworks today? Call them at 1-800-975-6666 or fill out our form to book an appointment.