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12 Steps to Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency

12 Steps to Improve Your  Home Energy EfficiencyYou’ve heard of the 12-step programs that have been created in order for people to better themselves. Well, there’s also a 12-step program for your residence. It’s designed to make your home more energy efficient. So here are a dozen things that you can do to improve the energy efficiency of the place where you live.

1. Put in a programmable thermostat. Or actually program the one you already have. Set it so that your home’s air conditioner or heater doesn’t run as much when you’re not in the home or are asleep.

2. Cover your windows. Strategic placement and usage of blinds, drapes, and shades can keep sunlight out during the summer while allowing it to warm your home in the winter. You might also want to consider tinting your windows to keep out heat.

3. Close off unused rooms. Spare bedrooms, home offices, or storage areas that aren’t being used don’t have to be heated and cooled, so you can shut the doors and close the vents.

4. Maintain your air conditioner/heater. This means cleaning the filters once every month or two and checking the units on a regular basis. Getting an annual inspection by a pro is also a good idea.

5. Plug gaps. Use caulk and weatherstripping to seal up tiny openings around doors and windows where air may be leaking in or out of your home. Use the smoke from a lighter or incense stick to see where these gaps are; if the smoke dances, you’ve found an opening.

6. Seal interior gaps. Use sealant or caulk to seal openings around light fixtures, electrical outlets, vents, and similar places.

7. Seal your basement. Cold air from outside can seep into your basement and chill your home in the winter. Applying sealant to the basement walls can keep this from happening.

8. Ventilate your attic. If moisture and heat gets trapped in your attic, it can raise your energy bills and even cause damage to your home itself. Cutting out vent openings can alleviate this problem.

9. Insulate. Make sure that your attic, walls, and floors are filled with the recommended amount of fiberglass or spray foam insulation to keep outside air out and inside air in.

10. Replace your windows. If you have some old windows, replace them with more energy-efficient windows that have a coating that reflect heat in the summer and/or are double- or triple-paned for better insulation.

11. Make energy-saving improvements. Dimmer switches, LED lights, and ceiling fans can help you conserve power and save money on your utility bills.

12. Get a home energy audit. This can identify areas in your home where you might be wasting energy.

As with other 12-step programs, you don’t have to go through it alone. In fact, the people of Moonworks can help you with just about everything on this list. More importantly, Moonworks can come to you and conduct a complete home energy audit — absolutely free! So call Moonworks today at 1-800-975-6666 or fill out our form and set up your free energy audit today!