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Home Energy Reviews for RI, MA, & Southern NH

Energy Review of Home TemperaturesReady to review your home’s energy efficiency? Then talk to the energy experts from Dr. Energy Saver and Moonworks. Our knowledgeable energy review team can show you how to make your home air tight, energy efficient—and more cost effective to heat and cool.

No one likes to pay high energy bills. Heating in the cold New England winters can get really expensive. And cooling your home during the dog days of August can overheat your bank account. So what’s the solution?

A Home Energy Review

Our team can investigate every nook, cranny and air leak in your home to find where energy escapes from your home—and costing you precious energy dollars. With customized tools, tests and energy efficiency measurements, Dr. Energy Saver by Moonworks can analyze all of the areas of your home that are notorious for running up your heating and air conditioning bills

This energy evaluation is simple. We’ll investigate your windows, doors, walls, roofing, basement, foundation, floors, lights and insulation—among a host of other areas within your home. After we do a thorough evaluation of and energy review, we’ll give you the results of our investigation, so that you can choose how you want to improve the energy efficiency in your home.

Home Energy Analysis

Specifically, we do a thorough analysis of every possible air leak in your home by using a blower door to measure where the air is leaving your home. It could be under an old door. Or through creaking windows. Or, you could be losing air in less obvious places like your HVAC system, crawl space, garage, attic or basement.

Then, we’ll compare your home’s energy review and analysis with that of a healthy, air tight home. You’ll easily understand where the areas of improvement are in your home—and you’ll learn ho you can fix them quickly and affordably.

Improve Your Air Quality, and End Energy Loss

In addition to revealing energy savings opportunities, our energy review will also show you how to improve your indoor air quality. Don’t spend any more time breathing bad air—when a simple duct sealing may improve your air quality immediately. Why wait, when you can identify your home’s opportunities to save hot air in the winter, cool air in the summer.

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Live in Providence, Boston, Greater Worcester, Rhode Island or Southern New Hampshire? Then give the team at Moonworks a call today at 1-800-975-6666 for a free energy review. We’ll show you everything you need to know to make your home energy efficient!