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Summer Benefits of Gutter Helmet

Gutter helmet

People typically think of Gutter Helmet© as being most beneficial in the fall, since its patented design keeps all those pesky autumn leaves from clogging up your gutter. Gutter Helmet© protection extends far beyond fall, however; some of the best benefits are found in the summertime.

Gutter Obstructions in the Summer Months

Although fall is a likelier time for gutters to become clogged, summer presents its fair share of gutter problems that can lead to backups, especially during heavy thunderstorms and other severe weather. Animals and birds often choose the relative protection of gutters to build their nests, which may not get noticed until a heavy rainstorm.

Gutters can also be obstructed by debris that is blown into the gutter by heavy winds, and trees that overhang the house can drop leaves even in summer, especially when it’s windy. With Gutter Helmet©, you . . .

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Does an Outdoor Living Area Make Sense for Your Lifestyle?

Clean gutters
Outdoor living spaces are a popular addition these days, but it makes sense to carefully consider whether to add these spaces to your home and yard. You may already have a porch, deck or patio, but outdoor living space goes beyond these essentials to provide comfortable, livable space in which to spend your leisure time, relax and entertain.

Some factors to consider when deciding whether to add an outdoor living space include the following:

–How much time you or other family members currently spend outside, and how much you enjoy the outdoors. If you already eat or entertain outdoors several times a week, you would probably make good use of a nicer outdoor living space. However, if your family prefers eating indoors the majority of the time, you may find that you don’t use your outdoor living space, and it will be money wasted . . .

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5 Advantages to Installing Gutter Helmet® Now

Installing gutter helmet
Installing Gutter Helmet® now means clean gutters year-round.

Spring may seem like an odd time to install Gutter Helmet®. After all, it’s not a common season for gutter problems. You likely just cleaned your gutters out in the fall before harsh winter weather, and the trees are budding, not dropping many leaves. However, there are some good reasons to install Gutter Helmet® in the spring.

1. To Fix Leftover Winter Problems

If you didn’t clean out your gutters last fall, they may still be clogged with debris and require attention before damage results from spring rains. Ice and snow may have taken their toll on your gutters over the winter, making replacement necessary to prevent further problems from occurring as seasons change. Installing Gutter Helmet® can help reduce any risk of future issues.

2. To Avoid the Fall Rush

Waiting until late summer or . . .

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Solve Your Spring Gutter Problems

Spring gutter problems
Checking and cleaning gutters in spring can help prevent future problems.

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean you can’t have gutter problems. Sure, you cleaned your gutters after the last leaf fell in the fall, like you do every year. But leaves are not the only thing that can clog a gutter, and winter weather can be hard on gutters as well. Spring can be a prime time for gutter problems, and they aren’t problems people typically expect.

What Happens to Gutters in Spring?

Spring can be the time of year when homeowners see problems that were actually created in winter. Even if your gutters were cleaned in the fall, a buildup of ice and snow over the winter can damage your gutters in more ways than one. When all the snow and ice melts, you may notice that your gutters are . . .

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Do You Need Gutter Helmet in Spring?

Gutter helmets help protect your gutter system from clogs by making it difficult or impossible for anything other than rainwater to enter the gutters. It’s easy to think that protecting your gutters from unwanted debris is only a concern in autumn, when the leaves are falling, or in the winter, when freezing temperatures can lead to a buildup of ice inside the gutters that can clog them up. But your gutters need protection in the spring as well. Take a look at some things you need to know about protecting your gutter system this spring.

Spring Showers

Gutter Helmet
Spring rains can propel leaves and twigs into your gutters.

Leaves may not be falling on their own as much in the spring as they do in the fall, but those April showers that you experience can bring storm debris with them. Leaves, pine needles, sticks . . .

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Keeping Gutters Clear While Leaves are Falling


Clogged gutters can prevent water from draining as it should.

If you live in a location where tall trees drop their leaves into your gutters, you know that it doesn’t take long for the gutters to get clogged with leaves, which then get soaked by fall rains, and pretty soon you might as well not have gutters at all. Rain cascades down your exterior walls and can pool around the foundation and cause major problems over time.

Some of the damage that clogged gutters can cause includes roof damage from water forcing its way in from an overflowing gutter, paint or siding damage from water running over the gutters and down the house, and wood rot from water entering the walls. Water in the basement and foundation problems can also occur when gutters are clogged since water bypasses the drainage intended to funnel water away . . .

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10 Creative Uses for Used Clean Gutters

Clean gutters

Gutters can function in many ways besides funneling the rain away from your house.

When you finally replace your old, basic rain gutters with something more modern and functional, don’t be too quick to resign them to the scrap heap or the recycling pile. Here are a whole bunch of ideas for how to give those tired gutters new life with a good cleaning, some metal cutters and a little bit of paint.

1. Bookshelves

By fastening the gutters to the wall, homeowners can display picture books with covers facing out so that kids can easily find their favorites at a glance. If your kids are older, you can mimic expensive photo frame shelves with some clean gutters and make a stylish focal wall.

2. Planters

Whether attached to a wall, a fence, or a window, . . .

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FAQs About Gutter Protection

Gutters are the unsung heroes in home protection. Though you may not think about them often, your gutter system may be one of the most effective protective elements of your home’s exterior and vital to keeping you on a solid foundation. Basically, if you care for your gutters, your gutters will take care of you. But what is the most effective preventative step you can take in caring for this important system?

Regular cleaning of your gutters is something you must do at least twice per year to keep them free of debris. But there are other alternatives to climbing that ladder and being assured the gutters are well maintained 100 percent of the time.

Gutter protection

Cleaning your gutters must be done twice
per year, unless you invest in gutter protection.

The simplest solution is to attach a . . .

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Clogged Gutters Can Lead to Foundation Damage

The key to a strong foundation may be above your head. You may not know it, but your home’s gutter system plays a big role in preventing costly damage to your foundation.

Essentially, the purpose of your gutters is to capture rain and melting snow and keep it flowing away from your home. This protects not just the siding and wooden surfaces from water damage, but also the actual base of your home, your foundation, which can suffer cracks and leakage if exposed to pooled water or improper drainage. Clogged gutters can cost you a lot more than you might think.

Clogged gutters

Rain collected in your gutters needs to flow freely
away from your home and its foundation.

According to, continual exposure to water and dampness near or within your dug or slab foundation can cause . . .

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The Problems Birds Can Cause: Clogged Gutters, Roof Damage & More

Birds may be beautiful, but did you know that they may be damaging your home? As peaceful as it may seem to watch them at the bird feeder, where these creatures decide to nest and spend most of their time may actually be impacting your roof, chimney and gutter system. And if left alone, your feathered friends could cost you a lot in repairs.

Clogged gutters

Each year, birds nesting within gutter and drainage systems cause a number of unexpected roof repairs for homeowners.

How can these little creatures cause such big damage? There are few reasons birds setting up home in your yard may cause your house some unexpected repairs:

Roof damage: According to, birds often build their nests in your rain gutters, drains and corners of your roofs where these drains are found. The presence of a nest . . .

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