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The Story Behind Moonworks

Moonworks Team

I guess I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. Whether that meant cutting neighbors’ lawns or my paper route when I got into my teens, if it involved providing products and services that people needed, I was all over it.

And so after graduating from the University of Rhode Island in 1983, it was a natural fit for me to open a kitchen showroom and start a remodeling business.

I loved it. Not only was it an opportunity to call the shots and build something of my own, because I was inside my clients’ homes all day, I got to know them, their children, their neighbors…even their pets. The work had a real personal touch to it, something which I came to like as much as the remodeling itself.

I’d probably still be doing kitchen remodeling today had it not been for a weekend trip back home to visit my parents. The minute I walked in the door my dad took me right back outside to show me the Gutter Helmet brand gutter covers that had just been installed.

He was thrilled—by the innovative design, the quality of the product and the fact that, as he put it, “I’ll never clean my gutters again.”

Three weeks later, I made the decision to sell the kitchen company and open Gutter Helmet of New England.

From there, things took off quickly. Using my dad’s ladder and his old 1975 El Camino van, I made sales calls on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and handled installations on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I was happy as a one man band but eventually, things got so busy that I was changing my clothes in the van on lunch breaks just so I could squeeze in a few extra sales calls on installation days.

Soon I hired a dedicated salesperson. And then another installer. And then another salesperson. We just kept growing and growing.

And although I spent the first five years in the field doing installations (I’ve done thousands at this point), eventually I switched my focus from doing the work to growing the team, managing the company and teaching my approach to my employees.

Along the way, thanks to the trust we built with our customers, people started asking me to do other related work in their homes. And so now, almost two decades later, the business that started with a ladder, a truck and a single product has grown into one of New England’s premiere home improvement companies that, in addition to Gutter Helmet, also carries high quality products including; Heated Helmet, Ice Defense, Dr. Energy Saver Home Energy Services, EcoView Windows, and GAF Roofing.

It’s been a personal thrill to watch the business grow from something I once ran entirely out of my tiny apartment—today we are a full service home improvement company with 75 employees and tens of thousands of customers.

But maybe the most significant change of all came in 2009 when we changed the name of the company from Gutter Helmet of New England to simply, Moonworks.

I did it for three reasons: First, given the growth of the company into other home improvement product lines, the name Gutter Helmet no longer best described everything we did. Second, to demonstrate to my employees, partners, suppliers, and most of all my customers that I literally put my own name on everything we do. And third, as a tip of the hat to my dad, whose enthusiasm for the original Gutter Helmet product is what got me into this business in the first place.

All the best,

Jim Moon
Founder and President