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Replacement Windows in New England

Replacement Windows

When an existing window has become nonfunctional, it is time for a replacement window. Causes behind a window losing its original character include wood deterioration, draftiness, and energy inefficiency. These characteristics are especially common in New England, where older wooden windows are susceptible to decay.

In fact, most of the older building materials used in New England during the 1950s and 60s are will or already have deteriorated over time. These materials include wood, aluminum and vinyl. Regions such as Worcester, Boston, Providence, Manchester, NH, and Nashua, NH, all contain buildings with replacement window issues.

Window Materials Through the Years

In the early 1900s, windows were made primarily of wood. It was the most common material before the steel and metal composites came around in the 1950s. From the 50s to the 60s, aluminum was extremely popular, especially in the Northern United States. Then in the 1970s the introduction of vinyl windows set the industry standard.

Window Materials

Windows today employ a variety of materials, both past and present. Apart from the main three materials; wood, aluminum and vinyl. There are also fiberglass and vinyl-aluminum polymer products. While every material requires a different method of construction, they all provide the same service; allowing a view of the beautiful surroundings from the comfort of ones’ home.

However, over time most of these original materials lose their strength. Wood deteriorates and allows air to escape into the home. Vinyl can weaken over time and create issues in the frame collapsing onto the sash or glass pane. Aluminum has a similar effect; if constructed poorly, it will limit the viewer’s ability to open and close the window properly.

Luckily, there exists a solution—replacement windows by Moonworks.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are beneficial to any homeowner that wants to improve their residence. First of all, replacing an older window allows the home to function more efficiently, and consequently lower heating/cooling costs. Older windows can deteriorate around the edges, creating a weak point of insulation. Over time these weak spots can show up in glass condensation, as well as cold drafts flowing in from the exterior.

One option in window replacement is triple-glazing, or adding in a third layer of glass. This not only solves the insulation issues common in older windows, but eliminates the possibility of condensation. Often newer glazing techniques employ a gas layer between the glass sheets, such as argon or krypton. These gases have higher insulating properties than air, thus providing even further reinforcement. Even more amazing, these triple layer replacement windows offer sound-proofing qualities as well.

Creating a Beautiful Home—Like New!

Perhaps the greatest aesthetic benefit of replacement windows comes in their addition towards the home’s overall value. Replacing traditional windows automatically adds to the value of the overall home, establishing it as both a modernized beauty and secure residential value.

Replacement windows allow you and your family to relax, knowing that your residence is safe and secure from the elements. Older, traditional windows will deteriorate over time- that is certain. While these older classical windows may have that nostalgic appeal, they do not hold the same practical qualities that come from installing a window with today’s technology. There is no comparison to that peace of mind in knowing your home, and your family, is safe. With replacement windows by Moonworks, you can rest assured.

Finding the Right Replacement Window

Wood, aluminum and vinyl provided support and style to an ever-changing market, but now there are new standards. Moonworks uses the best materials with expert craftsmanship, to replace windows in the New England regions of Worcester, Boston, Providence, Manchester, NH and Nashua, NH.

Moonworks replacement windows will ensure that your home is more energy efficient and styled beautifully. Every style of window can be replaced by stronger, environmentally friendly windows that are Lead Safe Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Moonworks uses experts in the field to install these beautiful window panes correctly- and securely.

Moonworks windows will remain beautiful for years and years, and every window falls under the Lifetime Limited Warranty. So make the call now, and let Moonworks replace your window the right way! 1-800-975-6666