When to Listen to Your Contractor

Although you are your contractor’s boss, every good boss knows when to lean on the expertise of the employees.

Although homeowners have lots of ideas and opinions when it comes to their homes and renovation projects, there are times when it makes sense to listen to the contractor and follow what he tells you. By listening to your contractor and acknowledging his experience, you can avoid problems and make the process of home renovation easier on yourself.

Permits and Regulations

Unless this is their first job, contractors have experience with what projects will need permits in your area. Furthermore, there may be certain things that need to be done to comply with local, federal and state regulations for some projects. It’s part of a good contractor’s job to be familiar with all of these regulations so that you don’t run into trouble when something goes wrong or you try to sell the property down the road.

Many times, contractors will handle getting permits and you won’t even have to worry about it, but in cases where you are doing some of the work yourself and just having the contractor do part of the job, it pays to find out what kind of permits are required. You could be fined or forced to tear down part of your home if you don’t get proper permits and follow regulations.

The Best Option, Not Just the Cheapest

Sometimes it may feel like a contractor is trying to upsell you on a more expensive option to make more money, but listen carefully and consider the reason he gives for why he thinks you shouldn’t necessarily always do things the cheapest way. If necessary, do some research on your own or get a second opinion to make sure you are getting the straight scoop, but many times, the contractor has simply done jobs like yours enough times to know what works best and what isn’t likely to stand the test of time. Contractors also have expertise about the most energy-efficient ways to renovate your home, which can save you a lot of money in the years to come.

Hopefully, you chose a contractor who makes you feel comfortable and you checked some references and complaints with the Better Business Bureau so you know who you are dealing with and have developed a level of trust. It’s important not to trust blindly, but to be informed enough to be confident in your contractor’s expertise.

Listening to your contractor’s expertise is easier if you have built some trust.

When Problems Arise

It’s important to listen very carefully to your contractor when he communicates about a problem with your renovation or project. Listening skills can help you determine the facts about what has happened and what may need to be done about it. Instead of reacting emotionally about damage that has been discovered or delays in the timeline, focus on the facts being communicated to you and take notes if necessary so you remember later exactly what was said.

Your contractor has probably been through the same problem many times before and will have good advice for you about the best way to proceed. Listening well can save you money when it comes time to make decisions and get the renovation back on track as quickly as possible.

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