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5 Ways Old Windows Cost Homeowners Money

Older windows can be costly for homeowners.

You might not realize that your old windows are costing you money. After all, they usually just sit there quietly in the wall, keeping out the weather and letting in the sunshine day after day. But if your windows are older than 10 years, they are probably impacting your budget more than you realize.

Here are the five main ways old windows cost homeowners money.

1. Higher energy costs.

Older windows may be single pane and may have cracks in the glazing or in the trim that allow air to enter the home. This results in higher costs for heating and cooling. Windows can sometimes be caulked to stop some of the air flow, but even caulking and reglazing single pane windows, which is a time consuming process, will not result in the maximum amount of energy savings.

2. Lost sleep (read: productivity).

Newer . . .

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3 Reasons to Invest in New Windows

When you’re doing home improvement projects, windows can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. As long as they’re not broken or cracked, it may not occur to you that they should be replaced. But the truth is, if your windows are older, there are several good reasons why you might want to make replacing them next on your list of home upgrades. New windows are a good investment that can improve your home in more ways than you might think. Take a look at some of the best reasons to invest in new windows for your home now.

1) Save Money on Your Energy Bills

New windows
You shouldn’t have to bundle up just to sit by your windows.

Old windows are often drafty windows, and the old glass in your windows may be only single paned, and not as good at blocking out drafts . . .

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8 Ways to Upcycle Old Windows


Old windows may be stored in a barn or shed, but can be used for creative home projects.

When replacing your home’s windows, the company will usually get rid of your old windows for you, but you may not want them to when you see all the great ways you can use them for upcycling projects around the house. The possibilities are limitless for what you can do.

1. Chalkboard

Some chalkboard paint will transform an old window into a chalkboard for writing shopping lists, chore charts or making any kind of sign or display. This stylish décor item can be hung on the wall or even just leaned against it casually.

2. Corkboard

Using adhesive cork tiles or even a collection of wine corks, an old window can make a functional cork board to hang important notices or children’s drawings.

3. Wall Art

Using wallpaper, scrapbook paper, or . . .

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Window Installation: Not a Typical DIY Project

There are plenty of good reasons you might want to replace the windows in your home, from keeping moisture out to lowering your energy. But there are also plenty of good reasons why you might not want to assume this task yourself, no matter how much of a “do-it-yourselfer” you happen to be. Let’s look at just a few of the reasons you’re better off scheduling a professional window evaluation and replacement instead.

Professionals Recognize Trouble Signs

If your windows are failing to control your interior climate or block the massage of moisture, then it’s possible that other structures in the home have been compromised as well. For instance, water doesn’t just create obvious rot in wooden window frames — it can also leak into the surrounding drywall, causing an invisible health hazard from mold growth. (Poor thermal performance that leads to frost formation is a common culprit.) An expert can spot these problems and recommend . . .

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6 Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Homeowners know that it can be a real pain to replace old or deteriorating windows. The process involves making a mess, opening a huge hole in the side of your home, and then putting in either hours of meticulous work or a big chunk of cash paying someone else to handle it.

So it’s completely understandable to be tempted to keep costs down by opting for the least expensive replacement windows available instead of energy-efficient windows, which can cost up to 15% more. But choosing high-quality, energy-efficient windows can result in substantial benefits in the long run. Here are a half dozen advantages of energy-efficient windows.

Better insulation. You might be surprised at just how effective energy-efficient windows are at keeping the outdoor elements at bay and eliminating “hot” or “cold” spots in rooms. They form a barrier against cold weather so that your home stays warm . . .

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3 Considerations When Buying Replacement Windows

EcoView Double-Hung WindowsFind yourself constantly cranking up the heat? Spending evenings in your home under a blanket? There comes a point when enough is enough, and it’s time for replacement windows. Like many home improvements, replacing your windows is a job that many people dread—due to cost, confusion and maybe just the sheer scope of the project.

Finding a New Window That Meets Your Needs (& Budget)

We all want the best-looking, most energy-efficient windows for our homes. But a firm budget has a way of focusing the mind, and will serve you well in determining the window features that are important to you.

The actual dollar return on your window investment depends on many factors including the current insulation level in your home, where you live, how many windows your home has, etc. As you work to align your budget with your features, don’t overlook energy . . .

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Preparing for Winter

Recently, we discussed methods of preparing your home heating system for the winter and the many safety issues related to that work. But maintaining a warm and comfortable home during the coldest parts of the year takes more than a properly functioning furnace. There are some other key elements of home maintenance to address before you’ll be truly ready for the coming snows.

Much as we often think of windows as permanent, unchanging parts of ourchimney homes, they are, in fact constantly changing. Frames warp with age, caulk dries out, glass cracks, and, as a result, windows become weak points in your home’s defenses against the cold, allowing winter breezes to blow into your home while allowing expensively heated air to escape. This process of heat transfer not only costs you money, but it wastes energy and increases your carbon footprint.

As . . .

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Cash for Caulkers (Homestar Bill) Is Back

Tuesday, President Obama proposed rebates up to $3000 to help homeowners pay for energy-efficient upgrades in their homes. While Congress has not yet passed this plan as a formal bill, it is a major initiative backed by the White House and is sure to be fast tracked over the next month. The hope of the Home Star program, aka Cash for Caulkers, is to make Americans’ homes more energy-efficient while creating jobs during these trying times.

“I’m convinced that the country that leads in clean energy is also going to be the country that leads in the global economy. I want America to be that nation.”

– President Obama

Fast Fact: Jim Cramer, of Mad Money, first coined the term “Cash for Caulkers.”

So what is Cash for Caulkers all about? Some details have been changed sinceCash for Caulkers Cash . . .

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