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5 Reasons for Water Leaks and What You Should Do About Them

Water leaks

A water leak could signify roof problems, but there are other causes for leaks as well. Here are the main sources of water leaks around your home and some steps to take if you do have a leak.

1. A Spilled Drink.

If a family member spills a drink on your hardwood floor, water can leak through the cracks onto the ceiling below. This is simple to fix, but can cause staining on the ceiling depending on the type of drink and how long it is left there without being cleaned up. Since the leak is short term, it is not likely to cause any mold problems and if staining does occur, it can be primed and repainted when dry.

2. Leaky Pipes.

A sudden leak or a very slow leak over time can lead to damage in your home. When you discover the leak, it’s . . .

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How to Check Your Home for Mold

Mold– it’s a four-letter word for a reason.

Even the mere mention of it can evoke fear in the hearts of homeowners. Certain types of mold have been linked to medical problems which can have a severe impact on the health of individuals. Also, the presence of mold often necessitates a call to a certified mold removal service, which can wind up costing thousands of dollars. In many cases, families are forced out of their homes for long periods of time due to the hazardous effects of mold.

Therefore, it’s vital that homeowners keep a watchful eye out for mold in order to prevent it and/or identify it before it becomes a serious problem. Here are some suggestions for checking your home for mold:

Watch for poorly-vented areas. Pipes from your dryer, air conditioner, heater, and other appliances must run from the interior of your home to the . . .

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