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Leaking Roofs & Cold Can Take Away From the Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Leaking roofs

An outdoor living space can extend your home and give you more space.

Many homeowners are extending their usable square footage by turning a deck, patio or overhang into an outdoor living space. During warm weather months, some furniture and decorative touches can make your space the perfect place to relax or entertain guests outdoors. For cooler climates, however, winter brings challenges with the use of an outdoor living space.

When temperatures drop and ice and snow invade, sitting on the deck or patio can be the last thing on homeowners’ minds. But some simple additions can make your outdoor living space a go-to destination for your family all year round, relieving some of that boxed-in, stir-crazy feeling winter can bring.

Roofs Provide Protection From the Elements

If your outdoor living space has a roof, the . . .

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Evaluating Roof Costs: Are Metal Roofs a Cost-Effective Option?

Metal roofs

Metal roofs can be attractive and offer many benefits to homeowners.

Replacing a roof is a major expense. If your roof requires replacement, you have many options for roofing materials from which you can choose. Asphalt shingles have been the norm for many years, but metal roofing has become more popular in many areas.

When evaluating the costs of a new roof, it soon becomes clear that metal roofing has a significantly greater cost for initial installation than its asphalt counterpart. There are different types of metal roofing to choose from, including aluminum, steel and terneplate (soft metal treated with a coating of lead and tin).

When deciding whether to install a cheaper asphalt roof or a metal one with a much higher cost, it is important to consider the cost in a broader way . . .

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Is Your Attic Suffocating?

The attic is a room of the house we don’t often think about.  It’s storage for all the stuff you don’t often need, and that’s all.  But your attic, just like the rest of your house, has specific needs, and without them, it’ll suffocate, and possibly choke your gutter too.

Let’s start with the most basic problem, which you learned about in high school science: heat rises.  Whether you’re in the heat all year round, or experience all four seasons, heat goes into your attic — and unless it’s got a place to go, it tends to stay there.  This does more than just make your attic stuffy; for example, if you’ve got a bunch of snow on your roof, it’ll form warmer spots on your roof that will melt some, but not all, of that snow and create the much dreaded “ice dam.”  In extreme cases, it means you’ll spring . . .

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