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Considering a Roof Replacement: Get the Facts

When it comes to complex jobs like replacing your roof, you need to know the facts before you can make the best choice for your home and your wallet. Roofs are as important as the home’s foundation and you need to educate yourself about what issues require repair and what types of damage require complete replacement of your roof.

According to bobvila.com, when it comes to dealing with roofing issues, the most important decisions for the homeowner should happen before they hire a contractor or start comparing shingle manufacturers.

Can You Simply Repair It?

If you lost a few shingles due to storm damage or tree branches falling on the roof, repair may be an option. The damaged or missing shingles can easily be replaced.

Things to know:

Unless your roof is relatively new or you saved spare shingles after the home’s last roofing, the repair job will probably not match the existing roof.

A repair . . .

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Why Lightning Can Lead to the Need for Roof Replacement

Most of us are aware of the awesome power of Mother Nature, and never has this power been more frighteningly demonstrated than through lightning. A bolt of high-voltage electricity can not only injure or kill your loved ones, but it can also wreck your roof, especially if your home lacks the proper protection. Let’s examine how lightning strikes can disable your property.

Seeking a Path to Ground

While lightning sometimes seems to have a malevolent mind of its own, it’s really just the result of a thunderhead becoming charged with electricity as air masses within it rise and fall. The positive charge of the earth attracts a lightning bolt from a cloud that has developed a negative charge. The lightning mindlessly seeks a path to ground, which may cause it to strike the first object it encounters en route. If that object is the top of your house, what happens next depends . . .

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7 Myths About Roof Repair

Have you ever noticed how inaccurate information is often the result of fear?

Take roof repair, for example. Some homeowners are uneasy about hiring roofers to getting their roofs replaced. Maybe they’ve heard a few horror stories about something going wrong, or perhaps they’re just anxious about the cost. This trepidation has led to some incorrect assumptions about roof repair. That’s unfortunate, because these viewpoints may be the reason people live with inferior roofs – which can cause other damage and problems to a home.

With this in mind, here are seven roof repair myths debunked:

My roof will last forever.
This one wins the “wishful thinking” award. No roof is made to outlast the house it covers – not even those made of heavy duty shingles, slate, or tile. Sooner or later, it will have to be replaced.
I can do a roof replacement by myself. It’s just . . .

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9 Ways Roofing Renovation Can Make a Difference for Your Home

So many people cringe and shudder when they hear the term “roofing.” That’s because it conjures up images of undergoing a cumbersome home improvement project, dealing with contractors, and rearranging schedules to be home while the work is done. Not to mention the substantial costs that are often associated with roofing renovations.

Unfortunately, even the sturdiest roofs don’t last forever, so roof repair or replacement is an inevitability for many homeowners. Perhaps it would better serve these “roofingphobes” to focus on the benefits of roofing renovation. Here are nine of them:

Your leaks will be fixed. Admit it – you’re tired of having to place buckets in the attic (or in rooms) and/or wipe up water than has seeped into your home. Repairing your roof will take that burden off of your shoulders.
You won’t have to worry about serious damage in the future. Those pesky leaks keep . . .

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