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Is it Time To Consider Replacement Windows?

It’s that time of the year again: Old Man Winter is right around the corner and the polar vortex could make a return and engulf a large part of the United States leaving homes in the cold. This is especially true if the home’s windows are getting old and not preventing the frigid air from seeping in, leaving residents with chills and clattering teeth.

If the home is undergoing major problems with the appearance, efficiency and structure of the windows then now may be the best time to think about replacement windows – before it is too late. Years of use can wear out windows in more ways than one and the only measure to take is to replace your windows immediately.

Some homeowners may refrain from taking this necessary step because they’re either unsure if the windows need to be replaced at all or because of the significant expense involved. However, . . .

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When New Windows Transform a Home: Before and After Pics

We often get asked just how, precisely, installing new windows can change your home. There are a lot of answers to that question, but it’s better shown with pictures, and then explained with words. So, here are three examples of a before-and-after with windows that show how they transform a home.

Let’s start with this example, a fixed window being made into one you can open:

Before (left) After (right)

Needless to say, the rough wood won’t be there for long. It’ll eventually be painted to match the trim in the rest of the house so that it will blend in well and look like the window has always been there. We chose this example to emphasize a few points.

First, and most obvious, it’s now a window you can open; instead of having to hope a fan can pull in some air, you can now get some nice . . .

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The Hottest Replacement Windows of 2013

See that title up there? It’s a bit of a misnomer. After all, if you’re in the market for a window replacement, you don’t the product you choose to be “hot” (or, in the winter, “cold”). That would indicate that the window would not be doing its job in keeping exterior air from seeping into a home. So please be aware that “hottest” names on this list are the ones that are the most popular, best designed, and most energy-efficient replacement windows on the market in 2013, according to a recent edition of Consumer’s Digest magazine.

Andersen 400 series

A stalwart in the replacement window industry since 1903, Andersen’s 400 series combines fine craftsmanship and advanced engineering in an aluminum-clad wood window. It gets high marks not only for quality and resilience, but also for ease of installation and extraordinary levels of “weathertightness.” Plus, its Derma-Shield exterior, which is available in . . .

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What to Expect in a Window Warranty

It’s the window you want… but does it have the warranty you want?

Windows have to last a long, long time; after all, they’re a key part of your house. But say you put in a window, and a year later, you start having problems. In fact, it’s likely; due to the many varieties of windows out there, they tend to be replaced every seven years, on average. Are you covered by the warranty? Here’s what to look at when you’re looking for replacements for your windows.

The Many Parts of Windows

A window may seem simple; you open it up or close it depending on how cold it is. But in truth, a window is a complex system, with all sorts of parts. A warranty may or may not cover the glass, the finish, the hardware (such as the lock), the screens, the installation, and so on. . . .

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10 Signs that Your Home Needs New Windows

Replacing your home’s windows can be a large expense.  Therefore, most homeowners delay it and live in denial about the fact that new windows are a necessity.  Having recently replaced the windows in my home, it is amazing the difference that new windows can make in your home’s comfort level and oil bill!


For those of you living in denial, here is a candid list of the top 10 signs your home needs new windows:

Your daily work out consists of opening and closing your crank windows.  Wear and tear over time can cause the gears and hardware of your windows to fail.  Opening your windows should be easy, not a work out.
Your home’s windows are currently painted shut.  This happens in more homes than you would think.  Not being able to open a window on a beautiful, sunny day just seems like such . . .

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6 Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Homeowners know that it can be a real pain to replace old or deteriorating windows. The process involves making a mess, opening a huge hole in the side of your home, and then putting in either hours of meticulous work or a big chunk of cash paying someone else to handle it.

So it’s completely understandable to be tempted to keep costs down by opting for the least expensive replacement windows available instead of energy-efficient windows, which can cost up to 15% more. But choosing high-quality, energy-efficient windows can result in substantial benefits in the long run. Here are a half dozen advantages of energy-efficient windows.

Better insulation. You might be surprised at just how effective energy-efficient windows are at keeping the outdoor elements at bay and eliminating “hot” or “cold” spots in rooms. They form a barrier against cold weather so that your home stays warm . . .

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