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Is New Window Installation In Your Future?

Over time, many parts of your home will eventually need to be replaced and your windows may be one of the most obvious. If you have older windows, you may start to notice signs that they are not doing the job they were intended for.

Outside air may be leaking in, and as it mixes with inside temperature and humidity, it can cause condensation and frost on your windows. If you have older windows, you may also feel a draft when you are sitting near them. Another sign that your windows need to be replaced may be an ill-fitting frame that makes opening or closing the window difficult.

Window installation

Replacing your windows can make a home feel new and save energy.

It may be time to replace your windows, which will not only add value to your home, . . .

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When New Windows Transform a Home: Before and After Pics

We often get asked just how, precisely, installing new windows can change your home. There are a lot of answers to that question, but it’s better shown with pictures, and then explained with words. So, here are three examples of a before-and-after with windows that show how they transform a home.

Let’s start with this example, a fixed window being made into one you can open:

Before (left) After (right)

Needless to say, the rough wood won’t be there for long. It’ll eventually be painted to match the trim in the rest of the house so that it will blend in well and look like the window has always been there. We chose this example to emphasize a few points.

First, and most obvious, it’s now a window you can open; instead of having to hope a fan can pull in some air, you can now get some nice . . .

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6 Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Homeowners know that it can be a real pain to replace old or deteriorating windows. The process involves making a mess, opening a huge hole in the side of your home, and then putting in either hours of meticulous work or a big chunk of cash paying someone else to handle it.

So it’s completely understandable to be tempted to keep costs down by opting for the least expensive replacement windows available instead of energy-efficient windows, which can cost up to 15% more. But choosing high-quality, energy-efficient windows can result in substantial benefits in the long run. Here are a half dozen advantages of energy-efficient windows.

Better insulation. You might be surprised at just how effective energy-efficient windows are at keeping the outdoor elements at bay and eliminating “hot” or “cold” spots in rooms. They form a barrier against cold weather so that your home stays warm . . .

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Is it time to replace your home’s windows?

Many homeowners are in denial that they need new windows.  During the cold winter months, the drafts coming from your windows are a constant reminder that they need to be replaced.  But, during the warm summer months, replacing your windows falls further down the to-do list.

How do you know that it is time for new windows? 

There are 3 factors that you should consider when determining if you windows need to be replaced- energy efficiency, maintenance and ease of use.  However, getting new replacement windows is a project that has year round benefits and savings.

Energy Efficiency

The first test of your windows is the comfort level of your home.  Does your house maintain an even temperature during the winter and/or summer months?  Are some rooms cold and drafty while others are cooler?  Do your windows whistle on a windy day?  All of these are indicators that your home’s windows need . . .

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3 Considerations When Buying Replacement Windows

EcoView Double-Hung WindowsFind yourself constantly cranking up the heat? Spending evenings in your home under a blanket? There comes a point when enough is enough, and it’s time for replacement windows. Like many home improvements, replacing your windows is a job that many people dread—due to cost, confusion and maybe just the sheer scope of the project.

Finding a New Window That Meets Your Needs (& Budget)

We all want the best-looking, most energy-efficient windows for our homes. But a firm budget has a way of focusing the mind, and will serve you well in determining the window features that are important to you.

The actual dollar return on your window investment depends on many factors including the current insulation level in your home, where you live, how many windows your home has, etc. As you work to align your budget with your features, don’t overlook energy . . .

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