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Leaking Roofs & Cold Can Take Away From the Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Leaking roofs

An outdoor living space can extend your home and give you more space.

Many homeowners are extending their usable square footage by turning a deck, patio or overhang into an outdoor living space. During warm weather months, some furniture and decorative touches can make your space the perfect place to relax or entertain guests outdoors. For cooler climates, however, winter brings challenges with the use of an outdoor living space.

When temperatures drop and ice and snow invade, sitting on the deck or patio can be the last thing on homeowners’ minds. But some simple additions can make your outdoor living space a go-to destination for your family all year round, relieving some of that boxed-in, stir-crazy feeling winter can bring.

Roofs Provide Protection From the Elements

If your outdoor living space has a roof, the . . .

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Leaking Roofs and Other Causes of Ceiling Stains

Leaking roofs

Stains on the ceiling may be caused by a leaky roof.

Ceiling stains are a major cause for concern for homeowners, whether they appear out of the blue or have been there for years. Home inspectors zero in on these unsightly blemishes as a sign of trouble that may possibly need repairing, and homeowners who are seeing new stains fear that they will need to spend big bucks to make things right.

Causes of Ceiling Stains

Leaking Roofs. Whether it’s from an old leak that has been fixed long ago or a current situation, the most common cause of ceiling stains is a leaking roof. One way to tell the difference between an old leak and a current one is to use a moisture meter to test the stain. If it is old, moisture won’t register on the . . .

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The Effect of Heavy Rains on Roofs

In every part of the country, from the seasonally dreary New England to the damp Pacific Northwest, rain must be considered by every homeowner for its long-term effects on roofs and more importantly the homes that roofs are built to protect. Heavy rainfall is a constant and often harsh element, and can prove even the most well-built home to contain weak spots in its roof.  Heavy rains often cause shingles to loosen or be torn away from the home. Over time, the combination of heavy rains and high pressure winds will eat away at a faulty roof, eventually causing physical deterioration and leaking.  Consequently, these leaks can lead to bacteria growth, dry rot and many more adverse effects on unsuspecting residents.

Leaking Roof


Taking the time to repair and maintain a roof on a sunny day is better than finding a leak on a . . .

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