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Inexpensive Changes That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Selling a house can be incredibly stressful. Homeowners want a place that shows well but don’t always have tons of money to spend on a home improvements. Luckily, there are many inexpensive changes that will increase your home’s value to help you achieve a top-dollar sale.

Increase your home's value

Declutter and Clean

Decluttering not only alleviates the frustration of not being able to find what you need but can also increase a home’s value. Buyers have a hard time seeing past clutter and aren’t able to picture themselves living in a home that’s full of someone else’s personal items.

Cabinets and closets that are crammed with stuff give the perception that there isn’t enough storage, while clean and organized spaces create blank canvases that prospective home-buyers can turn into their own masterpieces. Even if you have to put . . .

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20 Outdoor Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Outdoor Gardening ToolAs a follow up to our 20 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own blog, we decided to expand to include the outdoor tools.  Since summer is in full swing, the outdoor tools are being used the same, if not more, than the indoor tools during the summer.

Here is a list of the 20 Outdoor Tools that Every Homeowners Should Own:

Lawn Mower:  This one is a no brainer.  The size and terrain of your yard determines the type you need- push, self-propelled, ride on, stand on, etc.  Need to tune up your lawn mower?  Check out our past blog post on tuning up lawn mowers for tips.
Weed Whacker:  For those hard to reach places that the lawn mower just can’t get to.
Wheelbarrow:  To transport dirt, rocks, mulch, and just about anything else you can think of.
Gloves:  To . . .

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20 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Essential Homeowner ToolsWhether you are really into DIY projects or just starting out, here are some tools that every homeowner should have.  You can complete about 90% of all home maintenance with just a handful of tools.  Tools really are an investment so be sure to buy good quality basics as they will last you a lifetime.  While you don’t need a toolbox per say, having a container or heavy duty canvas bag to organize all of the tools is a good idea. Here are the basic tools that every homeowners needs to own:
Hammer.  Seems simple enough but the one that is most versatile is a steel 16-ounce rip hammer.  With the straight claw, you can use it to pull out nails or rip out a wall.
Screwdriver.  A 4 in 1 screwdriver is preferable as you can switch . . .

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January Home Maintenance

Last week, we focused on creating a home maintenance calendar to ensure that you keep your home in tip-top shape all year round. Now that you have your calendar started (and presuming you’re going to be way too busy over the holidays to get much maintenance done), let’s take a look at some key tasks to jot down for January.

The Interior Walk-AroundStart off the new year right by giving your home a good once-over. Carry a Phillips and a flat-head screwdriver with you, as well as a notepad and a can of WD-40. Pick a corner of the house to start with and go through each room checking for and tightening loosehome maintenance electrical outlet covers, light switch faceplates, door handles, and cabinet pulls. Look for scuffs, dings, and loose or missing hardware on your furniture. Test the GFCI outlets by pressing the . . .

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Is the American Dream Dead?

Fortune Magazine has done a few articles on renting vs. buying a home.  According to their research, renting in 2010 was more lucrative than buying a home in many major cities.  However, in 2011, they expect this to change due to falling home prices and rising rent costs.  Their data shows that the cities and states where homeownership trumps renting are those plagued by high unemployment, falling home prices and high foreclosure rates.  In many ways, it sounds like Rhode Island fits into this category.

In another related article, it was also argued that Americans need to reevaluate homeownership and realize that renting a home doesn&;t mean that you are any less American.  I agree with this to a certain extent because if you can&;t afford to buy and maintain your home, then you should rent.  After all, home is wherever your . . .

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Rhode Island and Massachusetts Basement Flooding

Chances are, if you live in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, you have been pumping water out of your basement for the past two days.  If you have a large amount of water, you will have to rent or buy a sump pump to help you get rid of the water in a timely fashion.  The longer the water sits, the more likely it is that mold will grow and odors will persist.

Below is a to-do list for those of you affected:

Do pump the water out of your basement ASAP using a sump pump or wet/dry vacuum depending on severity.  The key to minimizing the damage is catching the problem early.

Do NOT pump the water out too quickly.  This can cause stress on the walls of your home and your floors to heave.  If possible, try . . .

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Massachusetts Home Improvement: Damage Due to Weather

With the recoMassachusetts Home Improvementrd breaking rainfall and high winds, many Rhode Island and Massachusetts homeowners are dealing with damage to their home due to flooding and wind.  With State of Emergencies declared in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, many people are anxious to get their house cleaned up and repaired. The weather also impacted jobs as some companies were forced to lay off employees due to flood damage.  When hard times strike, it is important to know what to do and how to go about it in order to minimize further hardship.

Here are a few tips:

Know what you are entitled to.  Did you know that in Rhode Island if you get laid off due to a state emergency or natural disaster you can bypass the required one week waiting period and receive unemployment benefits right away?  Your employer must file . . .

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Cash for Caulkers: Energy Efficient Stimulus Program


The federal program of cash for caulkers would allow each household to get a 50% rebate, up to $12,000, for making energy efficient repairs and improvements to their home.  While it is still uncertain how the program will be structured, many believe that it will be based on the home energy efficiency program currently in place in New York State.  If so, you would hire a contractor to come into your home and conduct an energy audit to check how much energy is being wasted.  The audit consists of using a giant fan to draw the outside air into the home, showing leaks in siding, windows, insulation and doors.  They will also look at your appliances and determine how much energy is being exerted.  Then, a checklist will be compiled of items that need to be improved, how much . . .

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Energy Efficiency in New England: Home Improvements that Add Value

With the current housing market, many people are trying to find ways to make improvements to their current home.  One of the most important things to consider when choosing which home improvement project you are going to take on, is your return on investment.  You want to be sure that the improvements you are making increase your home’s value in addition to making it a more enjoyable place to live.  Most improvements that add value to your home are ones that become part of the house such as, adding a room, replacing your current roof, if needed, renovating the kitchen with new counter tops & cabinets and getting new windows.


Adding a room allows you to increase the square footage of your home, which increases your home’s value.  While this project will require you to obtain building permits and updating your . . .

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Choosing replacement windows? Let us help!

Did you know that the average home uses significantly more energy and is responsible for more carbon emissions than the average automobile? Windows play a large role in the home, so you can only imagine that choosing replacement windows is a big deal. But do you really know what to look for when picking the right windows? I know that I hadn’t the slightest idea, but after researching, all breezes are blowing towards Renewal by Andersen!

Because heating and cooling costs are on the rise, if your windows are outdated, your money could be being wasted on a daily basis! If your old windows are drafty and outdated, consider replacement windows. Not only will you add to the value of your home, you’re saving money on these heating and cooling costs, AND your house is going to look better!

Although there are many styles and types to consider, and they all have . . .

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