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Thought Leader Series: Gardening for Seniors: Amp Up Your Home’s Value with a Great Hobby


Stephan Baldwin is the Director of Business Development for Assisted Living Center, a resource for senior care communities.

Creating a garden offers seniors more than a basket of fresh vegetables and herbs or a vase full of colorful, fragrant flowers; gardening can enrich the body and mind. In addition, tending a garden provides seniors with an enjoyable way to stay active while upping their home’s value.
GardeningGardening is a popular and rewarding hobby for seniors.
Keep Safety in Mind

With careful planning, anyone can create a safe, inviting garden. To prevent falls, make sure pathways and steps are or have:

As level as possible


Free of hazards (ice, tools, hoses, tree roots, cracks, etc.)

Easily visible

Handrails on steps


Pointed features throughout the garden (stakes, canes, etc.)


Grassy areas

Bare earth

Create an Easily Accessible Garden

To allow for wheelchair . . .

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Tips to Keep Your Flower Beds Beautiful

Often, the most beautiful part of your outdoor landscaping can be the colorful thriving bed of flowers surrounding your home. But keeping the plants blooming and the beds looking their best takes a lot of time and effort. Some people seem to have it mastered with very little effort, but their secrets involve more than a green thumb.

There are a few tips you can follow that will cut your efforts in half and keep your flower beds looking well-tended and beautiful. The trick is to work smarter and eliminate the things that disrupt the plants and the healthy soil around them. You must eliminate your flower garden saboteurs.

Flower beds

Stop the things that sabotage your flower gardens and watch them thrive.

The Endless Cycle of Weeds

Have you ever planted something and given it the best of soil . . .

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20 Outdoor Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Outdoor Gardening ToolAs a follow up to our 20 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own blog, we decided to expand to include the outdoor tools.  Since summer is in full swing, the outdoor tools are being used the same, if not more, than the indoor tools during the summer.

Here is a list of the 20 Outdoor Tools that Every Homeowners Should Own:

Lawn Mower:  This one is a no brainer.  The size and terrain of your yard determines the type you need- push, self-propelled, ride on, stand on, etc.  Need to tune up your lawn mower?  Check out our past blog post on tuning up lawn mowers for tips.
Weed Whacker:  For those hard to reach places that the lawn mower just can’t get to.
Wheelbarrow:  To transport dirt, rocks, mulch, and just about anything else you can think of.
Gloves:  To . . .

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DIY Project: Creating a Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden New EnglandThis year I plan on starting a vegetable garden at my home.  I love the idea of having fresh vegetables to use when cooking (not to mention the cost savings).  Now is the perfect time of the year in New England to begin preparing the garden for the summer and fall harvest.  I am planning on planting tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and maybe some green beans and/or broccoli.  I plan on getting the plants from a local farm and maybe starting a few from seed in my garden.  I will see what they recommend for the New England area and a gardening beginner like me and update you on the specific plants used.

Here are the steps needed in order to create your own vegetable garden:

Scope out your yard      

When planning a vegetable garden from . . .

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3 Cheap Outdoor Updates for Your Home

When the temperature outside goes up we tend to shift our time and energy to the outdoors.  While we would all like DIY’s Yard Crashers to come and makeover our yards, the reality is that our budgets only allow for minor updates.  Just because wallet is thin, doesn&;t mean you can&;t upgrade the appearance of your home.

Here are 3 outdoor projects that will add curb appeal without breaking the bank:

Upgrading Fixtures

Nothing makes a home look outdated like old outdoor fixtures.  Consider upgrading your lighting, mailbox, house number and door bell.  Be sure that the finishes and styles match to create a cohesive look.

Lighting fixtures should be proportionate to the space allotted.  Nothing looks more awkward than a beautiful entrance with dinky light fixtures that barely give off any light.

A good rule of thumb is the fixture(s) length is:

Doorway with Single Sided . . .

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Lawn Maintenance Blog Series: Part 3 – Accent your Lawn with a Garden

Now that your lawn is on its way to being green and lush, it is time to accent your gorgeous lawn with a garden.  Nothing adds to the landscaping of a home like some colorful flowers and well positioned bushes and plants

Prep the area

Planting a GardenWhether you are adding to an existing garden or creating a new one, it is best to get an early spring jump on maintaining those areas.  Rake and turn over the soil now before the plants to grow and you must work around them. 

If starting from scratch, use a flat spade to dig up any grass or vegetation from the desired area.  Add some organic fertilizer or composted material and turn over the top 8 inches of soil.  Be sure to rake the top to level it off. 

Location, Location, Location

Pay close attention to the areas . . .

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Fall into an Outdoor Home Improvement Project

There are only a few weeks of summer left and this is the time of the year that we begin to focus on back to school, Labor Day and getting ready for fall home improvement projects.  Fall is an excellent time to start a home improvement project both inside and outside of your home.  In preparation for fall, we will be doing a 2 part blog series on fall home improvement projects. Today we will focus on outdoor projects.

With the weather getting cooler, it is much more pleasant to work outside in September and October than in the middle of July.  Plus, if you do the work now, you will reap the benefits during the spring and summer months.

Plant Perennials

Early fall is the best time to plant perennials like tulips and daffodils, which will bloom in early spring.  Carefully examine your . . .

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EnviroSCAPE: Gorgeous Eco-Friendly Landscaping

People have been recycling glass bottles for decades. I remember lugging old Coke bottles back to the bottling company for my nickels – nickels earmarked for the sole purpose of padding my personal candy stash.

Today, a very different and exciting fate awaits your old bottles. Newly formed eco manufacturers turn your trash into creative treasures, or in this case, breathtaking home landscapes.

Glass Mulch

 Photo Credit: EnviroGLAS 

Without a doubt, recycled glass mulch is a beautiful enhancement to the garden landscape. EnviroGLAS uses 100% recycled products in their mulch and other new innovations. The glass pieces can also be used to line indoor aquariums and outdoor fish ponds. Naturally, you’d want to use the glass mulch in places that are off the beaten path, but EnviroGLAS ensures that there are virtually no sharp . . .

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