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How to Choose a New Door

New door

A new exterior door can improve the look as well as the energy efficiency of your home.

Replacing an exterior door of your home can be one of the most cost effective steps you can take when making improvements to your home. Depending on the door you choose, you can add value to your home as well as make it more energy efficient. Replacing an exterior door is one improvement that might be suggested following an energy audit of your home.

When one of your exterior doors is old and needing replacement, there are usually gaps where air can leak into or out of your home. These gaps mean that the door is no longer tightly sealed and can cause your energy costs to go up when it is hot or cold outside. Sometimes, weatherstripping can help stop air from getting through, . . .

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Preparing for Winter

Recently, we discussed methods of preparing your home heating system for the winter and the many safety issues related to that work. But maintaining a warm and comfortable home during the coldest parts of the year takes more than a properly functioning furnace. There are some other key elements of home maintenance to address before you’ll be truly ready for the coming snows.

Much as we often think of windows as permanent, unchanging parts of ourchimney homes, they are, in fact constantly changing. Frames warp with age, caulk dries out, glass cracks, and, as a result, windows become weak points in your home’s defenses against the cold, allowing winter breezes to blow into your home while allowing expensively heated air to escape. This process of heat transfer not only costs you money, but it wastes energy and increases your carbon footprint.

As . . .

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Cash for Caulkers (Homestar Bill) Is Back

Tuesday, President Obama proposed rebates up to $3000 to help homeowners pay for energy-efficient upgrades in their homes. While Congress has not yet passed this plan as a formal bill, it is a major initiative backed by the White House and is sure to be fast tracked over the next month. The hope of the Home Star program, aka Cash for Caulkers, is to make Americans’ homes more energy-efficient while creating jobs during these trying times.

“I’m convinced that the country that leads in clean energy is also going to be the country that leads in the global economy. I want America to be that nation.”

– President Obama

Fast Fact: Jim Cramer, of Mad Money, first coined the term “Cash for Caulkers.”

So what is Cash for Caulkers all about? Some details have been changed sinceCash for Caulkers Cash . . .

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