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When to Find a Roofer in Rhode Island

Work by a Roofer in Rhode IslandThe best time to find a service provider to maintain your roof and gutters is long before you think you need one. In an emergency, when your gutters are hanging off the house or water is flooding in from your damaged roof, you’re not as able to take your time interviewing and researching the companies who respond to your call for roof estimates. Rhode Island homeowners may also be severely limited in your choices because the more reputable firms may be booked up, especially if your damage is due to a storm that’s affected many people in your area.

How to Compare Estimates from a Roofer in Rhode Island

Before a storm hits, develop a relationship with a local gutter and roof service specialist. To do this, you’ll need to bring in several companies and ask for maintenance and inspection quotes. The company you choose to handle your routine maintenance and inspections is much more likely to be available for you when a major storm comes through than one you’ve never used before, so it’s a great idea to take the time to develop this relationship. In addition, of course, you’re less likely to need repair work if your gutters and roof are properly maintained between and after storms.

When comparing gutter and roof estimates, Rhode Island homeowners have a lot to think about. First, always make sure you’re comparing apples to apples, so to speak. Consider the frequency of service, all included activities, and the quality of the products or materials to be used. Consider also whether the work is guaranteed and, of course, whether the company is properly licensed and insured. You may be tempted to go with a cheaper “handyman” service, but for gutters and roofing, this is simply not a feasible option. Working on gutters and roofs is dangerous, and you need to know that the people working on your home are not only properly trained and highly experienced but also that they’re insured in the event of an injury or if their actions cause any incidental damages. What would happen if your handyman were injured on your roof or made a problem worse?

After reviewing a few gutter and roof estimates, Rhode Island residents may still find themselves confused or unsure which roofer to call. If the estimates you’re receiving are simply all too different from one another, you may need to get a few more, or you may need to consult a friend or colleague with a bit more experience in this area. Once you do choose a roofing company, you’ll be in great shape when the next storm comes through, knowing your home is in top condition and that you have a reliable team to call if the worst does happen.

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