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Finding a Roofer in Massachusetts

Work by a Roofer in MassachusettsOne of the scariest things to do as a homeowner is finding a roofer. Massachusetts and other northeastern states experience such severe weather each winter that their roofs really take a beating, and homeowners cringe at the news that they need roof repairs. Fortunately, routine inspections and maintenance of both your roof and gutters can help keep those structures functioning properly and minimize the risk of damages from both storms and general wear.

Although many people choose to clean and maintain their gutters and roofs themselves, in general, you’re better off hiring a professional. Most people simply don’t have the training or experience necessary to catch small problems early enough to remediate them before they become costly issues. Plus, gutter and roof inspections and maintenance are dangerous work. Homeowners are often injured from falls, incur eye injuries and severe cuts, and actually cause damage while attempting this work.

If you choose to work on your own house roofing, Massachusetts homeowners should always remember to obtain proper training first and use all appropriate personal protective equipment. Make sure you have a partner on the ground, and keep an eye out for insect and animal nests. Move your ladder frequently as opposed to over-reaching, and always make sure your ladder is on level ground.

Another way to avoid roof damage is by not only keeping your gutters in good repair but by eliminating the need to clean them altogether. Solid-surface gutter guards are a great option for this. With solid-surface gutter guards, there is no chance of clogs, so water cannot back up from your gutters and onto your roof or into the attic from the eaves. Instead, water sheets over the front edge of the gutters and into the gutters and downspouts via a side opening. It works through the property of water tension, and when installed properly, quality solid-surface gutter guards will virtually eliminate the need to clean your gutters and downspouts.

Additionally, some brands of solid-surface gutter guard offer an optional GFCI-protected, ambient-temperature-sensing, heated cable. This is another great way to protect your house roofing. Massachusetts gets to much snow each year that snow and ice accumulation is a major problem. With this type of heated cable, the snow melts off the roof, allowing it to dry between snowfalls and preventing the gutters and roof from carrying the weight of massive snow accumulation.

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