Renewal by Andersen Window Installers Stranded on an Island

Renewal by Andersen Block IslandImagine being stranded on a dessert island while on the job? Well, this wasn’t quite Gilligan’s Island, but it was exciting as far as window installation goes! Let’s start from the beginning…

One late September day, Allan Langer, one of our senior window consultants, set out to visit a potential customer on Block Island in Rhode Island, normally an hour ferry ride. Al and the RenewalbyAndersenMobile set sail on one of the public ferries and arrived on the island in the afternoon. It is worth it to note here that this was in November, and the ferry schedule was thin, with only a few offerings to and from the Island, so timing was important for the visit.

Once on Block Island, Al visited the customer’s house and proceeded to explain the benefits of the Renewal by Andersen window as well as to customize the order to the customer’s specific needs. There was a deadline, however, as the last ferry off Block Island was at 6:00 pm, and it was already 4:00 when Al arrived. The ferry also requires that passengers with autos need to arrive 30 minutes prior to departure. As one would have guessed, 20 windows takes along time to discuss, and it became apparent that if the order were to be placed and written up, it wasn’t happening if Al had to stay at the house to do it, and then hustle to make the ferry.

So, at the suggestion of the customer, Al rushed to the ferry to check in, wrote the contract in his truck as he was waiting to be ushered into the loading area, and the customers drove up as the horns were sounding to load the cars. With the window blowing and the temperature plummeting, the customers signed the contract on the hood of their car as the ferry auto captain was screaming for Al to get his truck on the boat! He did, and the order was safely placed. And to cap Al’s evening, on the trip back, the sea was so rough that a wave crashed over the side of the ferry and soaked all the passengers, including our determined consultant, who’s cell phone was fried in the aftermath.

Fast forward 4 weeks to installation. It was now December and the weather was worse. Our professional Renewal by Andersen team set sail on the Block Island Ferry with a truck full of windows and construction equipment. Since this was the vacation home of the customer, the logistics and planning were vital and detailed. This was the only two days the install could take place. While at sea, however, the ferry captain announced they were expecting rougher seas than usual for the return trips, and to keep abreast of the schedule as it could change in the hours ahead. Once on dry land, the installation commenced.

And of courRenewal by Andersen Installerse, a few hours into the job, our crew received a call from our main office and was informed that all ferry service had been cancelled for the remainder of the evening, and there was a possibility that Saturday service would be cancelled as well. What to do now? Eight installers stuck on an island with a large truck and nowhere to go. While Renewal of Rhode Island scrambled to try and find them hotel rooms, a wonderful gesture was made by our customers – the crew, all eight of them, could stay at their house for the night, and finish the job in the morning!

And that’s precisely what happened. After venturing into town for dinner, installers slept on floors and couches, and awoke the next day to finish the job. When it was later discovered that the ferries would not be running all weekend, Renewal was able to reserve plane tickets for everyone, and by that afternoon, windows were completed and all installers were back in RI with a great story and an even greater appreciation of two wonderful customers that opened their home to them for the night. Later that week, the truck was rescued as well, and brought back on the ferry during much calmer seas.

“The RBA crew did a terrific job under some difficult and unusual circumstances. I’m glad we were able to help them out as much as we could. They handled it well!… I will be sure to recommend you and Renewal to anyone on Block Island that needs windows. There’s no need to look at anyone else, that’s for sure.”

–Block Island Renewal by Andersen Customer


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