Is New Window Installation In Your Future?

Over time, many parts of your home will eventually need to be replaced and your windows may be one of the most obvious. If you have older windows, you may start to notice signs that they are not doing the job they were intended for.

Outside air may be leaking in, and as it mixes with inside temperature and humidity, it can cause condensation and frost on your windows. If you have older windows, you may also feel a draft when you are sitting near them. Another sign that your windows need to be replaced may be an ill-fitting frame that makes opening or closing the window difficult.

Window installation

Replacing your windows can make a home feel new and save energy.

It may be time to replace your windows, which will not only add value to your home, make it look updated and give you greater curb appeal, but also save you money on heating and cooling costs for years to come. According to, nearly 40 percent of home heating loss occurs through your windows and doors, but energy-saving window replacement ensures substantial savings on your heating and cooling costs.

Big Reasons for Replacement

Older windows can put your home and even your health at risk. For example, in the winter, frost formation on the inside of your windows might look pretty, but is a sure sign your windows are failing you.

This frost creates moisture, which eventually melts and seeps into the frame work of the window. Mold can grow and respiratory issues can become a problem for your family. The moisture also rots any wood it stays in contact with, and this damage can go beyond the window.

It is Time?

There are a few signs to look for that indicate you have solid reasons for scheduling a professional window evaluation or replacement.

  • Your windows are old, more than 15 years, and look it.
  • You find excessive condensation and frost formation on the windows.
  • It is difficult to open and close your windows. They are sticky and seem to not fit quite right.
  • Your windows will not stay open on their own and need to be propped open.
  • You can feel or see signs of drafts and air exchange with the outdoors. If your curtains move or you can feel a draft, you have a significant problem that needs your attention. You can test this by lighting a candle (remove curtains to be safe) and place it near the window. If the flame is flickering, outside air is leaking in.
  • Your windows need constant upkeep with scraping, replacing putty, and adding a layer of new paint. Today’s replacement window installation delivers substantial savings to your maintenance costs for your home, because newer windows can be almost maintenance free.
Window installation

Constant upkeep of your older windows takes time and money.

According to, if your home has single-pane windows, the heat loss you are experiencing may be as much as 50 percent. Replacing those old drafty windows could produce dramatic savings and the money you save can often cover the cost of the window replacement in a short amount of time.

Moonworks can help. For more information about when it’s best to replace your windows and all of your window installation options, call 1-800-975-6666.

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