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How Gutter Covers Work

How Gutter Covers WorkNobody enjoys hauling out the ladder and mucking out the gutters. And yet, we’re supposed to do it, every six months, year in and year out, without fail. But do we? And if we do, can we make the job easier? The answer is, unequivocally, yes: You can install gutter covers.

But you might not be clear on what gutter covers do, or why precisely you might need them. So, here’s what you need to know to make your life that much easier.

How Clogs Form, Even With No Trees Nearby

Even if you don’t have a tree anywhere near your house, you’ll nonetheless find your gutters full of crud when you haul out the ladder in the fall and spring. Why?

The short answer is that it’s a flaw in the way gutter systems are designed. For example, in order to function properly, your gutters are at a slight slope, roughly a quarter inch for every ten linear feet. The problem is that, in order for water to get up the speed to remove solid waste by itself, the slope has to be a quarter inch every foot. Gutters aren’t hung that way because they’re supposed to catch water running off the roof, and the further down you get, the more likely the water will miss and start working over your foundation instead.

Secondly, gutters are great for draining water, but not great for removing solid waste, as anybody who’s had to unclog a downspout elbow will tell you. So anything that gets in your gutters is likely to get stuck. In short, it’s a compromise of the system that gutter covers are designed to correct.

Gutter Covers Block the Crud

Gutter covers are designed to catch solid matter while letting water flow through. There are multiple solutions to this problem, ranging from screens you can buy at the hardware store to elegantly-engineered solutions.

Gutter Helmet is a good example: Fitted over the gutter, it uses the surface tension of water and the natural angle of your roof. Debris follows the flow of water and goes off the roof. But the water, thanks to the textured surface, follows the curve through a narrow slit into the gutter, not unlike water flowing over the edge of your roof and collecting on your eaves. In short, it drips into your gutter, instead of dripping onto your foundation.

Over time, particulate matter suspended in the water will collect in your gutters, and they’ll need to be cleaned. But gutter covers turn what’s normally a chore that eats your weekend into a yearly check-up; go up the ladder, check your gutters, and go back down.

Gutter covers help ensure your gutters aren’t a compromise; they keep water from wearing away your home, while subtracting backbreaking labor from your life. So, consider installing them carefully; after all, it’s your house.
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