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Be Prepared: Spring Showers Can Turn Into Fierce Storms

Sometimes April showers bring May flowers — but they’re just as likely to cause serious damage to your roof and landscaping. If you’re not sure whether your home is ready for the onslaught, make sure you understand what’s at stake and what you can do to optimize your odds for a happier spring (and summer).

Heavy Rains Mean Roof Repairs

You’ve no doubt seen bits of dark-colored grit in your gutters from time to time. Those specks are granules that have worn off of your asphalt shingles. This is a normal phenomenon that occurs over time as the elements rub against the shingles to cause erosion. Rain, of course, is a leading cause of shingle erosion — and when the spring storms gather, the process can get speeded up dramatically. Take a close look at your gutters — and your shingles — after the next rainstorm to see whether you’ve got a . . .

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4 Things to Consider Before Hiring Roofers

“It’s just a roof” can be a very misleading notion when it comes time to perform much-needed work on shingles, tiles, flashing or other components. Taking the time to search for fully qualified roofers can save you a great deal of money and frustration down the road. Here are four considerations to keep in mind when deciding who should work on your roof.

1. Roofing Requires Skill and Experience

Too many things can go wrong even on a “simple” roof repair, to trust the job to an unqualified individual (including yourself). For instance, shingles must be overhung and aligned perfectly, with the requisite five inches of exposure, or they won’t last long — and depending on the slop of your roof, you may be well advised to go with some other product entirely when installing a new roof. Inaccurate nailing, venting, or flashing can create serious problems with the roof over time. . . .

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Increase Your Home’s Value with New Roofing

Whether you plan on moving into a new house or making the transition from owning to renting, you want to make sure you get top dollar for your current residence. In many cases, that means investing in necessary home improvements that will boost the property’s sale value — including improvements to your roof. Let’s examine how and why new roofing can make all the difference between a fast-lucrative home sale and a slow, ultimately disappointing one.

Cosmetic Questions

The term “curb appeal” applies far beyond eye-level impressions. Your home’s exterior must look as fresh, new, and well cared-for as possible, both in the listing photo and in real life. Of course you’re probably already thinking about the basics of exterior home staging, such as mowing the lawn, revitalizing the flowers in the window boxes, and applying a bright, cheery new coat of paint to the porch. But have you scrutinized your roof . . .

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How to Avoid Roof Repair Disasters

It seems like such a good idea. Your roof obviously needs work, you happen to have a free weekend, the weather is reasonably nice, and you own a ladder. But before you climb up onto that roof for some “simple” do-it-yourself repairs, you really should just step away from the bottom rung of the ladder and contact the most skilled, experienced professional you can find. Let’s look at some of the disasters you can sidestep by hiring the right roofer for the job.

Personal Injury

If you think hiring a professional roofer is too rich for your blood, wait until you see the medical bill you could receive after falling off the roof in a misguided home-brew repair attempt. Injuries are a very real danger on just about any kind of roofing job, even for skilled professionals. In fact, it’s considered one of the most physically risky jobs out there, with a . . .

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Spring Is Coming, Time to Think About Roof Repair

Spring is all about renewal, from the welcome sound of birds chirping to the reappearance of leaves on the trees. It’s also a sign that it’s time to renew your roof following the ravages of winter storms and ice assaults. But should that renewal include a full-scale replacement, or can you get away with simple repairs? Let’s take a closer look at the issue of springtime re-roofing.

Winter Weather Leads to Spring Surprises

It’s not surprising that so many homeowners ride out the winter before addressing a roof repair. The do-it-yourselfers have no desire to climb up onto an icy roof and work in frigid temperatures, while the formation of solid ice dams can make gutter repair all but impossible.

Unfortunately, any little problems in your roof, such as pinhole leaks in the flashing or roof sheathing, are only likely to grow worse with continued exposure to winter weather, while the weight of . . .

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New England Winter 2015: The Land of Ice Dams & Frozen Gutters

It has been a brutal winter filled with snow, ice and frigid temperatures.   Every week there is a new storm threatening more snow and ice. This weather is the perfect combination for the formation of ice dams, frozen gutters and dangerous icicles. It seems like the unofficial word of this winter is- ice dam.  You hear it everywhere you go throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  But, what is an ice dam?

Ice Dams

Ice Dams are caused by the ice buildup on the edge of your roof.   Because of this buildup, the water from the melting snow and ice cannot flow freely off of your home’s roof and into the gutters and downspouts.  With nowhere for the water to go, it begins backing up behind the icy buildup and eventually into your home.

Water stains on your ceiling or walls, a leaking roof or wet insulation are telltale signs . . .

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Some Roof Repair Projects Can’t Wait Until Spring

Most roofers would quite understandably prefer to do repair jobs during the warmer months, and you too may be tempted to let minor issues go until then. But if your roof is leaking or has developed weaknesses that could cause imminent leakage, you’ll want to go ahead and make those repairs even during the winter months. Here are some examples of roof repair projects that needn’t (and shouldn’t) sit until springtime.
Roof repair
Shingle and Flashing Fixes

Assuming that your shingles and roof flashing aren’t buried under a mound of snow, you should be able to make repairs to these components even in the dead of winter. That said, it’s best to wait for a day when temperatures have broken the freezing mark before re-glueing or replacing your shingles, which can become inflexible enough to crack under conditions of extreme cold. As for . . .

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Tips That Help You Avoid Major Roof Repairs and More

We’re well into winter, and that means your roof is being pounded with snow and ice. That can cause serious damage – your roof won’t collapse overnight, but you might find yourself in need of expensive repairs come spring. Luckily, there are a number of ways to prevent the worst.

The simplest solution is to simply brush excess snow off of your roof, but be careful if you decide on this approach. Don’t start climbing around on a roof in the middle of winter, because that’s an accident waiting to happen. Instead, use a rake or something else that isn’t going to damage your roof to brush off the worst of the buildup. Don’t use big, unwieldy snow shovels or start hacking at ice with chisels and picks, because you might end up damaging your roof and quite possibly yourself, too. Stick with something simple and light – you’re not going . . .

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Take Care of Roof Repairs Before Winter

Before Old Man Winter makes his triumphant return in a few weeks, it’s important that homeowners inspect their roof during these cool (or warm) autumn months. Taking a little effort now can help homeowners ensure they won’t have any unwelcome surprises between December and April.

Although roof repairs can be done throughout the winter season, it’s normally best to perform these roofing remedies or replacements now instead of later. After all, nobody likes to work for too long in the bitter cold while a blizzard is taking place (does last season’s incredible snowfall ring a bell?).

There are a number of roofing issues to be on the lookout for when you perform your inspection prior to the arrival of winter. Here are some things that can indicate the need for roof repairs or replacement:
Roof repairs
Roof in winter: Your roof will be covered in . . .

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8 Things to Look for in a Rhode Island Roofer

Rhode Island roofer
Just because Rhode Island is located in New England doesn’t mean that it follows the region’s lead perfectly. For instance, Rhode Island generally experiences more precipitation than much of New England due to its proximity to the ocean. As a result, it’s even more important for Rhode Island homeowners to have a dependable roof that is in good working order. Otherwise, heat loss and leaks could become costly and problematic.

That’s why Rhode Island residents need to find a good roofer to help them maintain their roofs. But what separates a good Rhode Island roofer from a supbar one? Here are eight things to be aware of.

Proper paperwork. Any person or group of people can climb up on a roof with hammers and shingles. But quality contractors will be able to obtain all proper work permits, have licenses in good standing with . . .

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