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5 Ways Old Windows Cost Homeowners Money

Older windows can be costly for homeowners.

You might not realize that your old windows are costing you money. After all, they usually just sit there quietly in the wall, keeping out the weather and letting in the sunshine day after day. But if your windows are older than 10 years, they are probably impacting your budget more than you realize.

Here are the five main ways old windows cost homeowners money.

1. Higher energy costs.

Older windows may be single pane and may have cracks in the glazing or in the trim that allow air to enter the home. This results in higher costs for heating and cooling. Windows can sometimes be caulked to stop some of the air flow, but even caulking and reglazing single pane windows, which is a time consuming process, will not result in the maximum amount of energy savings.

2. Lost sleep (read: productivity).

Newer . . .

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3 Reasons to Invest in New Windows

When you’re doing home improvement projects, windows can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. As long as they’re not broken or cracked, it may not occur to you that they should be replaced. But the truth is, if your windows are older, there are several good reasons why you might want to make replacing them next on your list of home upgrades. New windows are a good investment that can improve your home in more ways than you might think. Take a look at some of the best reasons to invest in new windows for your home now.

1) Save Money on Your Energy Bills

New windows
You shouldn’t have to bundle up just to sit by your windows.

Old windows are often drafty windows, and the old glass in your windows may be only single paned, and not as good at blocking out drafts . . .

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How Window Replacement Can Change Your Home’s Look

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but your home’s windows have more of a dramatic impact on its look and feel than you may realize. As Rumi so aptly put it, “Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon; How much it can fill your room depends on its windows.” Upgrading your home’s windows can transform a dark space into one that is bright and airy, or a complex arrangement in favor of the simplistic and functional. Here are how some of the current trends in window replacement can change your home’s look.

Window replacement
New windows can make the interior of your home brighter while adding beauty inside and out.

Vinyl Windows

If your existing windows are wood or metal, you may wish to consider installing vinyl windows. Vinyl windows now outsell all other types of residential windows in this . . .

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5 Signs You Should Consider Window Replacement

Window replacement

Having your windows replaced can save up to 70% on heating and cooling costs.

How old are the windows in your home? While age alone doesn’t necessarily mean that new windows are necessary, old windows may be more likely to need replacement. Here are some more signs that you should consider replacing the windows in your home.

1. Feeling a draft.

Older windows can become warped if they are exposed to moisture, or can create gaps of air from expanding and contracting in hot and cold temperatures. Feeling a draft by itself doesn’t mean that replacement is your only option, as you may be able to caulk around the window opening and seal up the gaps. But if you’ve caulked and there is still a draft, replacing the window may be the only way to seal up the gap.

2. Icing or condensation inside windows.

For . . .

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8 Ways to Upcycle Old Windows


Old windows may be stored in a barn or shed, but can be used for creative home projects.

When replacing your home’s windows, the company will usually get rid of your old windows for you, but you may not want them to when you see all the great ways you can use them for upcycling projects around the house. The possibilities are limitless for what you can do.

1. Chalkboard

Some chalkboard paint will transform an old window into a chalkboard for writing shopping lists, chore charts or making any kind of sign or display. This stylish décor item can be hung on the wall or even just leaned against it casually.

2. Corkboard

Using adhesive cork tiles or even a collection of wine corks, an old window can make a functional cork board to hang important notices or children’s drawings.

3. Wall Art

Using wallpaper, scrapbook paper, or . . .

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Things You Need to Know When Buying Replacement Windows

Replacement windows

New windows can pay for themselves at least partially in savings on heating and cooling costs.

If your older home is drafty in winter and steamy in summer, there’s a way to be more comfortable all year round: buying replacement windows. At some point in the life of a window, tiny cracks and deteriorating materials begin to let in enough air from outside to noticeably affect homeowner comfort.

Replacement Window Options

There are several options in replacement windows that provide varying levels of protection from extreme weather and can save homeowners on their heating and cooling costs.

–For houses inhabited by young children, double-hung windows provide safety, since they can be opened from both the top and bottom.

–Double-pane windows have two pieces of glass with air or inert gas between them, providing better insulation from the . . .

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Is New Window Installation In Your Future?

Over time, many parts of your home will eventually need to be replaced and your windows may be one of the most obvious. If you have older windows, you may start to notice signs that they are not doing the job they were intended for.

Outside air may be leaking in, and as it mixes with inside temperature and humidity, it can cause condensation and frost on your windows. If you have older windows, you may also feel a draft when you are sitting near them. Another sign that your windows need to be replaced may be an ill-fitting frame that makes opening or closing the window difficult.

Window installation

Replacing your windows can make a home feel new and save energy.

It may be time to replace your windows, which will not only add value to your home, . . .

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Window Installation: Not a Typical DIY Project

There are plenty of good reasons you might want to replace the windows in your home, from keeping moisture out to lowering your energy. But there are also plenty of good reasons why you might not want to assume this task yourself, no matter how much of a “do-it-yourselfer” you happen to be. Let’s look at just a few of the reasons you’re better off scheduling a professional window evaluation and replacement instead.

Professionals Recognize Trouble Signs

If your windows are failing to control your interior climate or block the massage of moisture, then it’s possible that other structures in the home have been compromised as well. For instance, water doesn’t just create obvious rot in wooden window frames — it can also leak into the surrounding drywall, causing an invisible health hazard from mold growth. (Poor thermal performance that leads to frost formation is a common culprit.) An expert can spot these problems and recommend . . .

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Why Frosted Windows Indicate a Need for Replacement Windows

Window frost is still fairly common in older homes, and though frost patterns on the glass are beautiful, repeated frost deposition on windows can lead to problems. The combination of cold air outdoors and humid, warmer air indoors is the basis of frost formation. When the outdoor temperature drops low enough, water vapor from indoor air condenses into liquid water on window panes. If the pane is cold enough, the liquid freezes into ice crystals, forming frost. When frost on windows melts, the moisture in it affects window frames when it drips down, and can even seep down into walls, where mold can grow.

Replacement windows

Frost may look pretty on windowpanes, but it keeps your house colder and can lead to other problems.


Three Factors That Can Increase Frost on Windows

One of the . . .

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Is it Time To Consider Replacement Windows?

It’s that time of the year again: Old Man Winter is right around the corner and the polar vortex could make a return and engulf a large part of the United States leaving homes in the cold. This is especially true if the home’s windows are getting old and not preventing the frigid air from seeping in, leaving residents with chills and clattering teeth.

If the home is undergoing major problems with the appearance, efficiency and structure of the windows then now may be the best time to think about replacement windows – before it is too late. Years of use can wear out windows in more ways than one and the only measure to take is to replace your windows immediately.

Some homeowners may refrain from taking this necessary step because they’re either unsure if the windows need to be replaced at all or because of the significant expense involved. However, . . .

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