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Ice Management Tricks for Your Home

What does “winterizing” mean to you? For many, the term evokes images of topping up the antifreeze in the car, making sure pets are warm and safe, or addressing drafts that blow in through the windows and doors. But while you’re dealing with all those things, don’t forget to put up a fight against ice accumulation! Let’s look at some helpful tips and tricks for keeping ice at bay.

Gathering Your Tools

You don’t want to be trapped in your house due to dangerously slippery ice on the sidewalks, unable even to get to the store and purchase ice-fighting gear, so go get those tools and equipment before the weather turns foul. Start by laying in a generous supply of de-icing material to spread on your front stoop and driveway. Make sure you have a sturdy snow shovel on hand for scraping melted precipitation and any stubborn ice deposits away from the . . .

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Top Benefits of Heated Gutters and Why You Need Them

Do you live in a part of the nation that understands what seasons are? If winter is more than an abstract concept taught to you by Christmas movies, then you’re a serious candidate for owning heated gutters.

What Do Heated Gutters Offer?

The main benefit of heated gutters is that they prevent ice dams. Ice dams are nasty build-ups of ice in your gutters that, in addition to making them useless until the next big thaw, can cause permanent damage to your roof. Ice dams are caused by attic heat melting snow on the roof, which runs down into the gutter and then re-freezes. A heated gutter (which are regular gutters with a separate product placed in it, not brand new gutters with heating elements) keeps this runoff a warm liquid that drains through your gutter as intended. In addition to clogging up your gutters, ice dams, if left unchecked, can lead . . .

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Why Frosted Windows Indicate a Need for Replacement Windows

Window frost is still fairly common in older homes, and though frost patterns on the glass are beautiful, repeated frost deposition on windows can lead to problems. The combination of cold air outdoors and humid, warmer air indoors is the basis of frost formation. When the outdoor temperature drops low enough, water vapor from indoor air condenses into liquid water on window panes. If the pane is cold enough, the liquid freezes into ice crystals, forming frost. When frost on windows melts, the moisture in it affects window frames when it drips down, and can even seep down into walls, where mold can grow.

Replacement windows

Frost may look pretty on windowpanes, but it keeps your house colder and can lead to other problems.


Three Factors That Can Increase Frost on Windows

One of the . . .

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Sparkling Ice and Ice Dams: Beauty and the Beast!

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Winter can be a magical season for its ability to evoke stunning images and lifelong memories. The spectacle of falling snow or glittering icicles has made its way on to countless holiday cards and other seasonal imagery, and there’s nothing cozier than viewing all that magic from the comfort of your living room. But for every beauty there’s a beast — and in this case, that beast is the threat of ice damage to your home.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Gutters Frozen pipes can lead to expensive problems.[/caption]


Pipe Problems

The plumbing system can be the first part of your home to suffer in the grip of Old Man Winter. Once the outdoor temperature settles below freezing — even if it’s just overnight — any pipes running along exterior walls can freeze up. The next thing you know, . . .

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Mass Save Program: Make Your Home More Energy Efficient & Save More

If you wonder why your energy bills seem so high despite your efforts to use power carefully, then you need to consider having an energy audit performed. These evaluations can spot some surprising deficiencies in your home’s energy efficiency — things that might normally go undetected for years as you overpay thousands of dollars for your utilities. Let us consider some of the problems that can be found by an energy audit — and how specialized services such as Mass Save can go even further to help you enjoy a more “green” and affordable lifestyle.

Leaking Warm or Cold Air

You don’t have to leave a door or window hanging open to lose large quantities of warm or cold air. Tiny leaks may be at work in your basement, around window frames, or in the nooks and crannies of your attic that somehow escaped¬†insulation. As a result, you may be cranking the . . .

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Tips That Help You Avoid Major Roof Repairs and More

We’re well into winter, and that means your roof is being pounded with snow and ice. That can cause serious damage – your roof won’t collapse overnight, but you might find yourself in need of expensive repairs come spring. Luckily, there are a number of ways to prevent the worst.

The simplest solution is to simply brush excess snow off of your roof, but be careful if you decide on this approach. Don’t start climbing around on a roof in the middle of winter, because that’s an accident waiting to happen. Instead, use a rake or something else that isn’t going to damage your roof to brush off the worst of the buildup. Don’t use big, unwieldy snow shovels or start hacking at ice with chisels and picks, because you might end up damaging your roof and quite possibly yourself, too. Stick with something simple and light – you’re not going . . .

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Take Care of Roof Repairs Before Winter

Before Old Man Winter makes his triumphant return in a few weeks, it’s important that homeowners inspect their roof during these cool (or warm) autumn months. Taking a little effort now can help homeowners ensure they won’t have any unwelcome surprises between December and April.

Although roof repairs can be done throughout the winter season, it’s normally best to perform these roofing remedies or replacements now instead of later. After all, nobody likes to work for too long in the bitter cold while a blizzard is taking place (does last season’s incredible snowfall ring a bell?).

There are a number of roofing issues to be on the lookout for when you perform your inspection prior to the arrival of winter. Here are some things that can indicate the need for roof repairs or replacement:
Roof repairs
Roof in winter: Your roof will be covered in . . .

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Gutter Protection 101: What Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Gutters may not seem like the most glamorous part of your home, but they play a crucial role in protecting it — especially if you live in a wet climate. Perhaps the most effective preventative step you can take in caring for your gutters is to attach some sort of cover, filter, or bypass device to keep as much debris out of them as possible. Some homeowners never even think to cover their gutters, only to wonder why they keep experiencing ice dams, clogs, and even damage to their beloved homes. The following basic tips will help you select the right types of gutter protection for your needs.

Gutter Covers

Some gutters come with their proprietary covers, while others take a wide variety of aftermarket products. Gutter covers typically feature slots, holes, or mesh designed to block larger debris from entering the gutter. Leaf guards are designed purely to keep leaves, vermin, . . .

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How to End Worries About Ice Dams in Your Gutters

Few sights inspire the heart and imagination like a winter wonderland of white snowscapes and elegant icicles. That joy may be short-lived, however, the moment you discover that ice has inhabited your gutters. Ice dams, accumulations of ice that block the passage of liquid water, can render your gutters useless until the next big melt. Let’s take a close look at this homeowner’s nightmare, including ways you can deal with it or even prevent it.
Does this sight look familiar?
The What and Why of Ice Dams

Why does this troublesome development plague your gutters? Roof warming can contribute to ice dam formation during the colder months. You might assume that your roof remains as cold as the rest of the home’s exterior, but you’re most likely wrong. Attic heat can transfer to the roof, warming it just enough to melt snow collected on top. . . .

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Is it Time To Consider Replacement Windows?

It’s that time of the year again: Old Man Winter is right around the corner and the polar vortex could make a return and engulf a large part of the United States leaving homes in the cold. This is especially true if the home’s windows are getting old and not preventing the frigid air from seeping in, leaving residents with chills and clattering teeth.

If the home is undergoing major problems with the appearance, efficiency and structure of the windows then now may be the best time to think about replacement windows – before it is too late. Years of use can wear out windows in more ways than one and the only measure to take is to replace your windows immediately.

Some homeowners may refrain from taking this necessary step because they’re either unsure if the windows need to be replaced at all or because of the significant expense involved. However, . . .

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