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Mass Save Major Renovations Program: The Home Energy Assessment

Mass Save is an energy-saving initiative that is underpinned by the state’s nine electricity and gas utility providers. The goal of the program is to help every Massachusetts homeowner reduce his or her energy usage while hopefully saving money in the process.

But before you can take the appropriate steps to begin saving energy, you first have to figure out where your home is the least energy-efficient. The procedure that helps identify these areas which must be addressed is known as the home energy assessment.
Mass Save
Their motto is “Savings through energy efficiency.”
What is a Home Energy Assessment?

An on-site home energy assessment can be performed free of charge by any qualified contractor. The assessment usually takes between 90 and 150 minutes, and it ends with a meeting between the contractor and anyone in the household who makes decisions on energy usage. The homeowners are presented with a . . .

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Mass Save and Replacement Windows

In an effort to help Massachusetts homeowners reduce their energy consumption and save money on utility bills, the commonwealth’s nine gas and electric utility companies are teaming up to implement an initiative called¬†Mass Save. This enterprise offers incentives to customers who undertake projects to make their homes more energy-efficient.

Mass Save HEAT Loan Program

One particular Mass Save incentive is called the HEAT Loan Program. This plan allows homeowners to finance energy-saving home improvements with 0% interest loans, which lets them spread out the costs over time rather than having to fork over a large lump sum of money when the project is completed. The HEAT Loan Program offers these no-interest loans for a wide variety of renovations and upgrades – including the installation of replacement windows.
Replacement windows
Chances are, your home could use a few energy-efficient replacement windows.
Replacement Window Installation Incentives

Today’s energy-efficient replacement windows do . . .

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Would Your Gutter Benefit From a Heated Helmet?

Heated helmet
You may have heard about Heated Helmet, the innovative solution to the problem of frozen gutters and their related hazards. This self-regulating coil runs the length of your guttering system and heats up only when the ambient temperature drops below a certain point. Since it’s GFCI-protected, it will never overheat — making Heated Helmet a safe and effective away to prevent ice formation inside your gutters during the winter.

But even if you appreciate the concept, you maybe wondering if Heated Helmet is right for your home. To find out, ask yourself these questions:

Does your home’s roof see snowpack for any length of time?

If you live in the New England area, chances are your roof is snow-laden for at least a portion of the year. When this happens, the snow not only falls into the gutters, but any snowmelt that runs into the . . .

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8 Things to Look for in a Rhode Island Roofer

Rhode Island roofer
Just because Rhode Island is located in New England doesn’t mean that it follows the region’s lead perfectly. For instance, Rhode Island generally experiences more precipitation than much of New England due to its proximity to the ocean. As a result, it’s even more important for Rhode Island homeowners to have a dependable roof that is in good working order. Otherwise, heat loss and leaks could become costly and problematic.

That’s why Rhode Island residents need to find a good roofer to help them maintain their roofs. But what separates a good Rhode Island roofer from a supbar one? Here are eight things to be aware of.

Proper paperwork. Any person or group of people can climb up on a roof with hammers and shingles. But quality contractors will be able to obtain all proper work permits, have licenses in good standing with . . .

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Modern Options in Replacement Windows

In the past, windows on homes were only thought of in terms of what could be seen through them, like how well that life outside the home could be observed from indoors or how much sunlight could be allowed inside. But these days, windows are considered to be aspects of a home that are to be looked at, not just through.

As a result, makers of modern replacement windows have adjusted their approach in terms of how these products are “viewed.” Americans are putting more thought into the precise style and functionality of the replacement windows they are purchasing for their homes.

They’re not just a sheet of glass anymore.

Low-Maintenance Windows

As with many other aspects of a home, people are looking for windows which require a lower amount of maintenance. So manufacturers have been producing their windows with stronger, sturdier materials like advanced composites, paints, and stains . . .

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How DIY Energy Audits Can Save You Money

You’re a responsible homeowner. You try to do the little things to keep your utility bills low. And you have an eye on the environment, so you’re trying to be as eco-friendly with your energy usage as possible. But how do you really know if your efforts are making a difference – or where they can be improved?

Which one best resembles YOUR home?

The best approach to answering these questions is to conduct a do-it-yourself home energy audit. It’s basically a survey of your entire home to see where energy is being wasted or not being optimized properly. Here are some steps you can take as part of your DIY energy audit:


Automate your electric use. Install a programmable thermostat and set it to reduce energy output when you’re not at home. You can even tie in all of your electricity-using devices via WiFi into an app . . .

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Do These 5 Things before Overflowing Gutters Damage Your House

When water overflows a container and flows into unwanted areas, not only does it create a huge mess that can take time to clean up, but it also opens up the possibility of damage to the surrounding environment. An overflowing toilet can damage your bathroom floor. A clogged sink can push water onto the counters and ruin them. And a floor drain that backs up can wreak havoc on walls and furnishings.

Overflows are never good.

Watch Out For Overflowing Gutters

The concept applies to overflowing gutters on your eaves. The gutters are designed to channel runoff water toward your downspouts, but if something prevents that from happening, the water will simply run from the roof and then spill over the sides of your gutters. When this happens, there’s a whole list of problems that can be created, including:

damaged or discolored siding

rotted fascia boards on your eaves

eroded or . . .

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Living with Clogged Gutters? You Have Uninvited Occupants

It’s not a good idea to live in a home that has clogged gutters. If your roof’s runoff water from rain and snowmelt cannot flow freely to your downspouts, then it will spill over the sides of your gutters and onto the ground below. Over time, that displaced water can lead to landscaping erosion, flooded basements, or even costly foundation damage.

In addition to all of those potential problems, clogged gutters can also cause a very nasty side effect: an invasion of critters.

Clogged Gutters’ Most Wanted

Gutter Debris Makes Good Nesting Material

The majority of material that falls into gutters and forms clogs is leaves, pine needles, and twigs. These objects also happen to be the building blocks of nests and dens for a wide variety of animals. Birds, possums, rodents, squirrels and other creatures utilize this debris to construct their homes. Therefore, clogged gutters can act as . . .

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Why Most Roof Repair Work Should Be Left to Professionals!

What could go wrong?

If you’re pretty handy around your house, you might feel like you can fix any minor problem yourself without having to call a contractor.

Take roof repair, for example. You might think to yourself: There’s not much to fixing a roof. I’ll get a hammer, some nails, and some shingles, and I’ll be fine. It’s not like I’m replacing the entire roof. I’ll just do this job myself and save a little money. What could go wrong?

If your project involves a new shingle or two or maybe a small piece of flashing, you’re probably OK handling it yourself. But if your roof has widespread areas (or one large area) where shingles are compromised, you’re better off calling in a professional. like Moonworks, to take care of the problems. Because if you take on this job on your own, here’s what could go wrong:

You . . .

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7 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Gutter Covers

If you’re like most people, you have to carefully monitor your finances to determine what products are worth purchasing and which ones are not. And you’ve probably seen one or more brands of gutter covers being advertised on the Internet. Maybe you’ve wondered whether these gutter covers provided a valuable function or were simply a waste of money.

However, gutter covers can make your life as a homeowner a whole lot easier. Here are seven ways that they accomplish this:

Never clean your gutters again! Debris from the roof and overhanging trees won’t slide or float into your gutters. Instead, they’ll be repelled by the gutter covers and fall harmlessly to the ground. So you won’t have to worry about nasty clogs ever again.
You’ll be able to enjoy either more time or money. Gutter cleaning can take the better part of a weekend day. Or it can . . .

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