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Solve Your Spring Gutter Problems

Spring gutter problems
Checking and cleaning gutters in spring can help prevent future problems.

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean you can’t have gutter problems. Sure, you cleaned your gutters after the last leaf fell in the fall, like you do every year. But leaves are not the only thing that can clog a gutter, and winter weather can be hard on gutters as well. Spring can be a prime time for gutter problems, and they aren’t problems people typically expect.

What Happens to Gutters in Spring?

Spring can be the time of year when homeowners see problems that were actually created in winter. Even if your gutters were cleaned in the fall, a buildup of ice and snow over the winter can damage your gutters in more ways than one. When all the snow and ice melts, you may notice that your gutters are . . .

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What to Do When Winter Roofing Issues Spill into Spring

Winter roofing
Shingles that are pulling up from the roof could allow water to enter your home.

Winter roof problems may not cause noticeable issues during the winter months, but you may notice leaks, loose shingles, or other problems come springtime when ice and snow melt to expose the shingles. Most asphalt shingle roofs begin to show wear after 10-15 years, with other types of roofs lasting up to 25 years before needing replacement.

Some warning signs of roof problems include the following:

Cracks in caulk
Rust spots on flashing
Curling, blistering, broken or missing shingles
Cracked rubber gaskets around vent pipes
Moss or lichen on the roof (black stains are not indicative of damage)
Damage on ceilings and walls inside (may be caused by something else but should be checked)

Any of these warning signs may signal a roof that is leaking and causing damage inside your home, even if . . .

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It’s Prime Time for Home Renovations

Home renovations
Spring can be a great time to do renovations to your home.

Springtime can be the best time to renovate your home. The snow has melted and the weather has warmed up enough to do all the projects that seemed so impossible during the cold, wet days of winter. Whether you want to replace your roof, add insulation, or simply install new, more energy efficient windows, now is the perfect time of year to work on your home.

Advantages of Spring Renovations

One major advantage of spring renovations is the ability to use the outdoors during the course of the renovation. From being able to store materials outside to the air flow that opened windows can generate, it is much easier to renovate your home in seasonable temperatures than it is during the winter.

This is not to say that renovations can’t be done . . .

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How a New Roof Can Improve Your Quality of Life

New roof
A new roof can protect your home from damage.

When homeowners think of renovations that improve their quality of life, they might think of a jacuzzi tub, a modern kitchen makeover, or tearing down a wall to get that coveted “open concept” look. Chances are, not too many homeowners would think about a roof renovation as a great improvement to their quality of life.

In reality though, replacing your roof can have a significant impact how your home functions in ways you may never consider. Your roof is a barrier to rain, snow, sun and wind. As any camper knows, the weather can be devastating without protection. But protection from the weather is only the beginning of how a new roof improves your quality of life.

When an existing roof begins to wear out (which can be in as little as 10 years . . .

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Save Energy this Spring with an Energy Audit

Energy audit
Upgrading to energy efficient lighting is one of the

most inexpensive ways to lower your energy costs.

Spring is a great time to have an energy audit of your home, which can reveal ways your home wastes energy and could be improved. An energy audit is a series of tests conducted on your home to analyze how it uses energy. Having an energy audit now will give you time to make appropriate improvements before summer heat increases your energy costs.

Energy Efficient Lighting and Appliances

In addition to showing air leaks, energy audits can analyze your lighting and appliances to determine whether it would be cost efficient to replace them. Your energy auditor will be able to provide precise calculations that will clearly show the potential benefits of upgrading each light fixture or appliance to a new, highly efficient model.

If your . . .

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Cut Your Spring and Summer Energy Costs with Solar Roofing

Solar roofing
Solar roofing can be a cost-effective solution to high summer cooling costs.

Wouldn’t it be great if the power company started paying you rather than the other way around? What if instead of setting your thermostat lower in the winter and higher in the summer than what is really comfortable so that you can save money on your energy bill, you could afford to heat and cool your house the way you really want to?

There is an answer to the problem of high energy costs: solar roofing that is attractive as well as functional, and can be more affordable than you might think. And although consumers may typically think of winter as having the highest energy costs, summer costs can be even higher depending on the climate and the particular location and makeup of your house.

Summer Energy Costs

If you think about . . .

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Protecting Your Home From Intrusions

According to FBI data, a burglary occurred once every 15 seconds in the United States in 2012. That’s a scary statistic, and it should inspire you to better protect your home. But how? There are many security systems on the market with varying levels of effectiveness, and it’s worth considering whether a burglar alarm system is right for your home. However, there are also low-tech steps you can take to ensure that your home is safe and secure. Sometimes efficient home repair is your best defense against home intruders. Take a look at some tips that can help you keep your home and family safe.

Window Locks

Protecting your home from intrusions

Strong window frames and locks can protect your home and family.

You probably already lock the doors every time you leave your house. But do you also check to make sure . . .

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3 Unexpected Signs of Roof Damage

It’s easy to think that you would definitely know if something was wrong with your roof. Some types of roof damages are very obvious – if a strong wind rips off a chunk of your roof, you’ll notice it. Obvious leaks are another easy-to-spot sign of roof damage. But some signs of a roof problem are not so easily recognized, and learning to spot them can help you catch roof problems early. The earlier you spot the problem, the better your chances of minimizing the damage – and the repair bill. Take a look at some of the lesser-known signs of roof damage.

Water Spots

Have you noticed yellow spots on your ceiling or water stains on your exterior walls? These are both signs of possible roof damage. The yellow spots on the ceiling come from water leaks. While you may not actually puddles of water on the floor or feel dripping, . . .

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Is it too Late to Get an Energy Audit?

If you’re still recovering from the high energy bills that come along with heating your home during the winter, you may not be looking forward to the cost of cooling your home this summer. However, it’s not too late to find new and better ways to save money on your energy bills. This is a great time of year to have an energy audit and find out how you can save money in the upcoming summer season. Take a look at some of the benefits of having an energy audit of your home.

Find Home Problems You’ve Missed

Energy audit
Catching home repair problems early with an energy audit can save you money.

One of the good things about a home energy audit is that it can help you find solutions to problems that you haven’t been able to solve. Have you ever had to . . .

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3 Reasons to Invest in New Windows

When you’re doing home improvement projects, windows can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. As long as they’re not broken or cracked, it may not occur to you that they should be replaced. But the truth is, if your windows are older, there are several good reasons why you might want to make replacing them next on your list of home upgrades. New windows are a good investment that can improve your home in more ways than you might think. Take a look at some of the best reasons to invest in new windows for your home now.

1) Save Money on Your Energy Bills

New windows
You shouldn’t have to bundle up just to sit by your windows.

Old windows are often drafty windows, and the old glass in your windows may be only single paned, and not as good at blocking out drafts . . .

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