10 Signs that Your Home Needs New Windows

Replacing your home’s windows can be a large expense.  Therefore, most homeowners delay it and live in denial about the fact that new windows are a necessity.  Having recently replaced the windows in my home, it is amazing the difference that new windows can make in your home’s comfort level and oil bill!


For those of you living in denial, here is a candid list of the top 10 signs your home needs new windows:

  1. Your daily work out consists of opening and closing your crank windows.  Wear and tear over time can cause the gears and hardware of your windows to fail.  Opening your windows should be easy, not a work out.
  2. Your home’s windows are currently painted shut.  This happens in more homes than you would think.  Not being able to open a window on a beautiful, sunny day just seems like such a waste.
  3. Your windows will not stay open or closed without additional assistance.  Some favorites include, using a piece of wood, nailing the window open or shut and .  Even the pickiest of people would agree that, at the very least, you should be able to open and close your windows.  I don’t want to brag but I can open my windows with 1 finger now.  Sometimes it’s the little things that matter!
  4. Your annual fall home improvement project is using a blow dryer to plastic wrap your windows.  As someone who has done this in the past, I feel for all homeowners who are still doing this.  Not only is it time consuming and a huge pain in the butt.  But, you can still feel the draft coming in!  Not a very good band-aid.  Save yourself time and money (in energy savings) and replace those windows!
  5. You can tell when it’s windy outside by the draft coming in from your windows.  It should never be windy in your home.  If you are constantly walking around your house in a coat, blanket, or a snuggie then you need to invest in new windows.  The difference in comfort level is worth the price tag!
  6. Your windows are foggy and cold to the touch.  This occurs when the outside of your window is colder than the interior side of the window.  This shows that your window is not being a good protective barrier between the outside and inside of your home.
  7. Your windows still have lead weights.  I am all for keeping with the original charm and décor of your home but unless you live in a historic home, those “vintage windows” are costing you money.
  8. Your windows no longer lock.  This is not only a safety concern but also a big area of energy loss.  The locking mechanism seals out air and keeps outside air from penetrating your home, saving you money in heating and cooling costs.
  9. Your current windows are a pain to clean.  One of the greatest perks of new windows is the tilt to clean feature.  This makes it so much easier (and less time consuming) to clean your windows.
  10. Your current windows require too much maintenance.  Wood windows look great but they are a lot of work.  In addition to having to worry about the wood rotting, the maintenance required to prevent your painted windows from peeling and cracking can be a lot.  Who wants to spent time scraping, sanding and painting all of their windows?  Vinyl windows are not only cost effective but require little maintenance.

Experience the difference that new, energy efficient windows can make in your home.  Not only will you be more comfortable in your home but you will notice the savings in your energy bills as well. Moonworks windows will remain beautiful for years and years, and every window falls under the Lifetime Limited Warranty. So make the call now, 1-800-975-6666, and let Moonworks replace your window the right way!

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